Party Health Bars on the Side

So i seen screen shots/videos of I guess very very early in the games development, and I would really like to see the Health Bars on the side of the screen come back or at least something to maybe turn them on and off.

Because in PvP the game can get chaotic and you can’t always see the Health bars over the players heads.
So any chance we could have this back as a toggle on/off type thing? Pwease?
Thank you


Been sayin this since launch. Healthbars for the party should be a must have. Makes supporting that much easier. Would get less “WHY DINT YOU HEAL ME!” messages because I can’t keep an eye on everything! Also need buff/debuff timers


+1 from me
Would love to have this option be something you could toggle on/off

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There are several threads about this same topic.

You can see health bars through walls. You can also see friendly Battleborn on your mini map so you even know which direction to look. It is easy enough to excel at support in Battleborn, there is no need to lower the bar.

Adding a Health interface is a crutch at best and an unfair advantage in PVP at worst. Support should have to actually pay attention to the fight unfolding in front of their face not a UI health bar. Also, being able to target friendly players through a user interface is an unfair advantage in PVP. If DPS has to aim manually, so does support.

#nocrutches #stoploweringthebar


I never said anything about support being able to target them with the health bars. Also, do you know how dam hard it can be to watch little health bars in incusion, during a big team fight with minions, super minions, and Thralls?
It would help Reyna’s and Alani’s out a very good amount and hell, even help out Miko.

What’s with the hate with being able to see your parties health bars on the side of the screen?

I read your post. Being able to target through a health UI almost always comes up in threads like this. I was mentioning it preemptively.

Also I play Incursion almost exclusively, it is not that hard to follow the health of four other Battleborn. Reyna and Alani don’t need any help with their healing, nor does Miko. They are all already very strong because of their healing ability. That strength does no need to be added to. A health UI is an unnecessary and unneeded BUFF. Support characters don’t need to be buffed further, they are already very strong.

Of course their support is strong… They are healers…
Why would targeting through a UI even be brought up? That would just be broken as all hell

I don’t understand where your disapproval of the UI is coming from. You make it sound like your enemy team will have it but yours will not. If you do consider it a buff (I don’t) then its a buff for everyone. And as someone who pretty much exclusively plays support roles it does get crazy in both pve and pvp. Having the UI to keep track of things makes it less hectic in game. I see no problem with it at all. Having a tiny healthbar as it is right now can be lost with all of the other graphical madness going around in a fight.

I think people are getting mixed up, the suggestion was for a VISUAL health bar on the side of the screen, not something you can target and heal. Right?

A VISUAL health bar on the side of the screen is a BUFF to support. Support players would have to pay attention LESS to the fighting and just be able to watch a UI. Part of playing and being a great support character is filtering out all the noise and being in the right place at the right time for the clutch heal. Watching an interface for that moment is not the same thing as watching the battlefield for that moment.


@Nick_Infidel Correct. Just a visual aid.
We all know this game can get chaotic with all the particle effects going on.

@Cadillac_Jenkins If they can’t pay attention to both at the same time, they are not that great. Not even the best of players right now can keep up with there teams health bar in a HUGE team fight.
The health bars would have no interaction at all other then turning it on and off.
It’s a “Visual Aid” to help support players or even honestly help anyone to save there team mates maybe.

what in the sam hecks are you talking about? How is it lowering the bar? This is one of the FEW games that do not accommodate this feature… So, by your logic, all other games lower the bar? I disagree strongly, its very tactical to have to pick and choose whom to support and when.

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You’re acting like it would only be for the opposing team or something… Why would you not want your teams healer to be able to do there job better

The healthbars don’t only help healers. it would also help DPS/Tanks as well if a person is in trouble and they notice some health dropping they can rush to help. Yes that person should be communicating but most of the time people don’t.

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I’ll reiterate my point one last time as you guys don’t seem to get it.

Support is very strong in Battleborn. Support characters do not need any buffs.

A visual health bar UI is a buff. It makes the game easier for support characters.

Support characters do not need the game to be made easier for them. They are strong enough.

#nocrutches #stoploweringthebar

You are entitled to your opinion but I do disagree with you still. It “buffs” both sides of the field. And more than just healers would benefit from it.


It’s honestly not a buff. It’s just giving you better information.

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How is having a better version of something than you had before, in this case information, not the definition of buffing?

I feel like you had a bad game against a potent healer plus whoever combo

It benefits every class not just healers and it would be available for both sides of the battlefield.

I think I made much stronger argument against adding a health UI and you are deflecting by trying to make it personal.

It does benefit every class to have a health UI, but it benefits support classes more.