Party line. How does it work?

So I just recently picked up a very nice version of this and I’m really impressed at what it does on my athena.

But a few questions arose that I’m hoping someone knows the answer to:

  1. Does the fireworks get full amp? (Like unlisted pellets)
  2. It seems to do amazing damage on frozen targets when you crit. More so then I expected, are the fireworks explosive?
  3. Can I boost the fireworks with grenade damage? Explosive damage? Elemental boosts? All of the above?

Just try it at the test dummy… OH WAIT!

No idea and cant test as I didnt buy the DLC so this comment is useless.

here’s where most of our findings about this gun have been posted so far:

I can already tell you that there is no explosive damage, it’s all fire. and you can boost it with elemental boost, but not explosive.
the explosions are most likely pure splash, and they apparently do 100% damage, like torgue pistols.

As for the crit, I have no clue. It doesn’t seem to do more than expected on my end.

it’s quickly becoming my favorite gun in TPS :smile:

D’oh! Didn’t even occur to me to check the old forums. Thanks Chuck!

And I agree with you that this thing is awesome. If there’s one thing I would change it is the sound… Tediore kind of sounds like a spring loaded toy gun. Wish it made a jakobs sound instead :wink:

It’s funny you would say that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the middle of crafting a build with Afro’s help, with a Kid COM and all the cool toys a Kid might want.
A shotgun that shoots fireworks (and also apparently sounds like a spring loaded toy gun… even better)
One that swears when you shoot it.
A snowball :smile:

And the coolest thing? There were no compromises needed to achieve the Kid theme: these were all items that made it for their performances.

Gonna post this question here too, since not everyone spends time on both forums:

Playing with an absorb shield lately and the party line.
I noticed that you can hurt yourself with the fireworks if you shoot too close to a wall or at your feet. and that you can also absorb ammo.

I don’t have a sham to test it out, but can you get MORE ammo out of it than what comes out, since there is more than one firework per shot ?
My absorb shield has about 30% absorb chance, but I can shoot for a while before running out…

I got two rounds per shot with a 93% Sham.


So it’s actually possible to replenish your shotgun ammo by equipping a sham and shooting at your feet :smile: