Party up for Boldur "Woodsworn" Lore

I saw a forum for the Miko/Kelvin Lore completion and thought I’d make one for Boldur’s Eldrid team of 5. If you could help me out, my XBOX GT is Theo Oso and will be available most weekends and after 5pm EST. Otherwise, come here to meet up w/ others.

If you can’t get a team together (I’m on ps4 or I’d help you out) wait until Tuesday when alani is officially released.
Almost every pve lobby will probably be everyone playing alani (like it was during her early release) and you can unlock his lore.
Hope that helps

Still looking? I need help finishing alanis lifeguard lore. its the last one I need and no one ever uses a mic so I cant ask for help in game.

Moved you to the Xbox co-op section where you might have better luck

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Ah, thx

I’m down. Also, post in my thread A History of Solus

I could help and I also need the challenge to be done.

GT: MAXXX Brutal

I should be able to help out tonight or whenever. Just throw me a friend request. Also message whenever you actually want to do it.

GT: Battiest Badger

GT: Accursius13

Need help with this one and benedicts if anyone can lend a hand.

I’m on right now willing to help! working on alanis lifeguard lore myself.

GT: ShirenTheSiren

I need help with woodsworn. Please add me GT- DragonD Maximus. I’ll help out with anyone’s lores.

Need help with woodsworn also. Don’t have any Xbox friends. gt: chadx85

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Hey id love to join i have 3 of the 5 lore challenges done and Boldur is super fun to play! Add me Rocketchimp92

I’ll add you today.@chadx85

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hey, i need help with woodsworn. hopefully we can all unlock it on a story mission. gt: nairoi

I need that one too. I also need 4 more 4 man peacekeeper teams for Benedict. If you guys want to do the boldur eldrid team. Let me know.

Wonder if it would work if we were all Boldur?

looking to do this and 4 man peacekeeper teams for benedict as well.

GT: Powerchu

Epic! That’s a two man squad right there, just 3 more to go.

Need this and 4 man peacekeeper teams for benedict as well.

GT: jargo801