Pa's Riffle is awesome

I know its just a blue but since I got this at level 50 its in my main loadout. Pa’s riffle need some love. My favorite non legendary unique yet.


I’m a huge fan of this gun. This one and the Traitors Death Purple Jakobs unique. I wreck with these things.


Also a fan of this type of assault rifle. It reminds me of Kar98k in Day of Defeat.


These ARs reward my play style, which is a more “realistic” style of combat than what you typically see in Youtube videos and etc. where they are trying to make the perfect build to run through everything is seconds. I scout, take cover, use strategy to take out certain enemies and groups in certain orders and so on. Pa’s Rifle and Traitors Death give me a nice option for a rifle that has hard hitting power, great accuracy and RoF, and can double as a sniper.

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Pa’s Rifle is definitely one of my favorite red-texts so far too. Damn shame they made farming quest uniques even more impossible in this one, though. The instant I saw it I was dead-set on dashboard farming to see whether it could come as a masher or gatlin’ rifle, but the game saves on quest completion now.


I wonder if quest uniques can world drop?

On the wikia it says its only from the mission

Well…that sucks. I’m pretty sure its always been that way though. Honestly, I quite enjoy resetting the missions and starting over again sometimes. I usually do it after each cap change at the very least. Level up to max level, play story again to get all uniques at new max level. Its fun and something to do.

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I like the Hand of Death too. Those rifles feel very old school, and look like. WW1-WW2 type.

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I’m getting close to that mission in tvhm, I’ll have to make sure and keep it. I think the 9nly one I had was leveling up

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In prior titles, one could make their file read-only (PC) or dashboard before saving (consoles) to turn the quest in and refuse the reward until one with desired traits appeared. Unfortunately, this seems impossible on console at the moment. I tried to dashboard farm Pa’s Rifle only to discover the game now saves on quest turn in.

@Derch I would love it if you could confirm/deny the existence of Pa’s Rifle as a masher or gattlin’ rifle, in light of my inability to test that on PS4. D:

I have no inside info, it will be a few days before I get to that quest on my current character

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What did you wind up finding out?

Had anyone seen it with an annointment?

Did you ever try it out? What were your thoughts?

I just replayed through the entire story at Lvl 50 with my Fl4k using this as my primary weapon. Started on Mayhem 2, then switched to mayhem 3 halfway through the story. It was super fun and the rifle worked very well. the only time I felt it lacking, was when figgting large groups comprised of Anointed and Triple bar enemies, or single enemies that are super tough, like Vault monsters, Troy and tyreen and etc.

Its a perfect mobbing gun, as its effect is 3 ricochet on crit. It absolutely chews through mobs. Especially with Fl4k and his Megavore skill

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did you ever find out if it can be annointed?

Pa’s Rifle can’t come anointed.

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i never found out sorry.

Funny enough I ran into that mission by chance at level 53. Pretty much only side quests I haven’t done. Was surprised how good it was yet never heard about it.

Is it always shock ? Fixed parts?