Passive Tactics not working

I’m playing Homeworld 2 Remastered mission 5 and I set my fleet on Passive Tactics so they wouldn’t destroy the Hyperspace Gates. However, they started attacking it anyway and they destroyed it.

click stop

Press S (after going passive). Works every time.

I’m sure you’ll get something valid eventually :smile:

Passive Tactics means they’re not supposed to attack anything. It’s clearly broken in this example.

No, passive tactics means they won’t engage an attack on their own, even if attacked or if friendly ships are attacked. They will, however, still follow orders you give them, including attack orders. Therefore, if you want them to not attack, you must also cancel attack orders you gave them.

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I never gave them an order to attack the hyperspace gates. That’s the whole point of the post.

When did you set them to passive? If a unit is set to aggressive or defensive they will attack stuff. If you then set them to passive they will continue to attack whatever they were attacking. You have to tell them to stop (shortcut S). The passive command does not include a stop command. This is by design and not a bug. If the passive command included a stop command then whenever you set a unit to passive they would also stop doing things like docking, moving, harvesting, healing, etc.

Tactics controls the way a unit to behaves towards outside stimuli but does not influence it’s current orders because those two are two different things. Take for example a situation where you wish to salvage or capture a destroyer. So what you do is set your bombers to passive but give them the order to attack all the frigates around the destroyer. They will proceed to kill the units you have tasked them with killing and then stop shotting stuff (for example the destroyer you want to capture).

Tactics are supposed to be used tactically, hence the name.

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Setting them passive prevents them from doing any future attacks, but while non-passive they had already started the attack. You need to set them passive THEN cancel the attack they self-issued. This is how it worked in HW2 classic as well. Just get familiar with your S button.

When you are in passive tactics and you tell your ships to attack one thing, they will attack it and than choose another target. You have to keep giving stop orders between targets.