Passworded Multi-player games

Gearbox… if you guys killed Homeworld Remastered Multi-player by NOT removing the password option from multi-player games. I am going to be really upset with you guys and question your ability to handle a game launch.

As soon as you heard that people were having a hard time getting into games because pretty much EVERY game had a password on it you should have IMMEDIATLY patched and removed the password option from creating multi-player games.

If people wanted specific people in their games there is still the option to kick people… the fact is… people going into multi-player and clicking on every game listed on the screen and getting a “wrong password” response is going to make them NOT PLAY THE GAME.

In this generation of Steam selling thousands of games to people new players will just move on to the next game and assume that homeworld is broken, doesn’t work or sucks.

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Or, instead of removing the feature entirely, you could just make it so that password-protected games only show up in the list if your friends are in them.

It would be an easier instant fix if they just removed the option all together.

its a shame for such a simple bug to be left, and i agree it will affect the long term success of the mp. There is only a few games showing up now in the game list - which no one can join of course. The region locking is not helping either - this is about the 3rd steamworks game I’ve seen enable this “accidentally”.

It’s kinda sad… I was hoping for a successful reboot of the multi-player community of Homeworld.

Let’s hope for something like a Homeworld MMO instead of a Homeworld 3, I have a strange feeling that Homeworld 3 multiplayer would die just like Homeworld and now this reboot… at least with an MMO we know there will be a multiplayer aspect to the game.

It’s only been out for one goddamn day you guys are being so overly dramatic.

Have you seen how many games there are, day 2?

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Have you considered that most people are probably playing the campaign?

Not only that but…there is no multi-player chat like the old WON network or gamespy. For a lot of people that were there in '99 it’s a deal breaker. Passwords are ok, but in the old days you could ask someone (game creator) , in the WON lobby what the password was… if he liked you he invited you by jarring lose with the info.

I don’t agree. I think. If you’re saying that game hosts should not have the option to use a password, I disagree.

When I put up a game with a password it’s because I wanted to play with certain people (who I was speaking to on TS). We just wanted to play together and test some things out. That way only the people I wanted to join could join.

When I hosted games without a password, people got in just fine (game launch issues excluded of course).

I don’t see a problem.

This seems to be a bug. I was in a game last night that I had to leave and rejoin, and on rejoin I was told it was passworded. I suspect most people aren’t trying to password their games, but are getting hit with this bug.

Where am I supposed to get a password for a game when there are no CHAT in the lobby ?

No chat in the lobby ?? that’s insane !!!

Guys relax. Instead of screaming bloody murder lets be a bit more reasonable. This is a beta, you knew that going in. It’ll get improved with our feedback. If they just abandon ship and don’t improve it we can all storm their building at that time. But its only been two days.

We all agree:

  1. Lobby chat is necessary.
  2. the game loading bug needs fixing

as for passwords:
2. password protected games should be displayed as password protected so I don’t have to do so much work filtering.