Patch 1.04 not visible for me - stuck on 1.02

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Today I’ve bought two copies of The Handsome Collection for PS4. One for me and one for my friend to play online. Problem is that I do not see patch 1.04 as available. My game has updated only to 1.02 but my friend’s game is 1.04. How is this possible? I have 120GB free disc space left and still when I prompt update check it says that I have up to date version.


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Did you try a hard restart on your PS4? (Power fully off before restarting) Also, your email address is showing in the “Full name” field on your post (an unfortunate side effect of using a certain browser with these forums). You might want to go into your settings and edit that out.


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Thanks for tip with the name. Of course i did restart console mutliple times and delete and reinstall the game but still I’m stuck on 1.02. I can play online with other players.


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Weird. I suppose it’s possible that it’s just the version number not displaying correctly. Try checking your video and audio options. You should see the following added in:

  • Added Controller Audio feature and toggle in Audio Options Menu.
  • Added FOV slider to Video Options menu.

Those were added in the Oct. 2015 patch, and there’s only been one more on PS4 since then.

If you don’t see those, I’d suggest putting in a support request:

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Actually I do have those options available in B2. Also my game takes 33GB of disc space.


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Sounds like it’s just a bug in the version display then. Which, now that I think of it, is ringing some bells (although google is letting me down on this one.)



~FIX FOR PS4~ (a little late for a reply but atleast it works)
So I had the same issue as you wouldnt let me join my friends because it said we had different versions of the game (mine was 1.02, friends was 1.04), I bought the physical copy of the game Borderlands: The Handsome Collection off Amazon and it would only let me download up to Version 1.02 but when the digital copy went on sale in the Playstation store for $17 I bought that one, downloaded it and it was up to Version 1.04 for some reason the disc copies aren’t working so you need to buy the digital copy. Atleast it worked for me