Patch 1.24 darkness bug? Ps5

Hey guys, curious if anyone else has noticed a change in there brightness settings since 1.24?

Ever since the patch, the loading screens and certain logos (especially the dancing claptrap screen) and such have looked really dark and over saturated. I’ve gone over my tv settings and ps5 settings and nothing honestly seems different and I even checked a couple other of my ps5 games and they seem normal.

I’ve made sure my HDR is on in visual settings for bl3 and put max brightness up too but yeah, like really bad black crushing after the patch.

Hoping someone else has noticed it too

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Yep. Except the opposite. Everything is bright and washed out. Super weird.

Very interesting, has that been since the patch dropped for you also?

Yep. It’s a bug and I have the exact same issues on PS5. Blacks are crushed in loading screens and claptrap dance, and if you adjust the settings to fix it, it blasts out the brightness in the game.

I feel many will not notice because it seems the new update also TOGGLES OFF YOUR HDR (check your settings y’all…) which is the other part of the bug.

Hope it is fixed soon.

Yeah it toggled my HDR off too, you’re spot on. I’m glad to hear it’s experienced by others too so I know it’s not my tv or ps5 playing up, thanks for the reply. :heart:

I’m on PS4 and since the last patch the game is very dark. I was farming the Agonizer for backburners (trial of instinct at level 72 is too hard given I can’t find any good level 72 incendiary weapons) and each time I loaded up the area where you start by the vending machine was barely visible. Coloring is horrible since the patch.