Patch 2.0 and Axton Weapons at the Peak

OK…there are some REALLY nice additions to Fire Weapons from the new Patch like the Sawbar, Hellfire, and Volcano.

But we all know that Fire Weapons basically suck at the Peak because of the oddities in resitances that the Peak employs.

Explosive and corrosive seem to work best on basically everything at digistruct Peak.

So I got to thinking…with this new patch…and with Axton…and the setting Digistruct Peak

What of the batch of weapons and skill changes would benefit an Axton player BEST in a Digistruct Peak run?

4 weapons quickly jumped to mind

A corrosive Bearcat…which now gets the Grenade Damage Bonus…mixed with a Bone Relic will just MURDER the Peak I believe…with the new changes. (I tested a Fire Version in the Beatdown at OP8 and it was just AWESOME!)

Cobra and Seeker for long range standoff

Ogre for anything.

Which adds basically two more ammo pools for Axton at the Peak which have been seldom used in the past…Sniper and Assault Rifle to the over used Pistol and Shotgun ammo pools.

Legendary Grenadier may become the mod of choice although a Chaotic Neutral Ranger (with Impact and Ranger) and a Legendary Soldier are still really nice as well.

And the new WTF shield looks interesting as heck and a Rough Rider may be another choice with the changes to Crisis management…Naught as well.

Not to mention the possibilities of going Non Elemental and a new Specialist Com with a 10/5 Duty Calls mixed with the new multiplicative aggression relics.

Thoughts anyone???

If I remember correctly, there is no elemental bonus in the peak outside some bosses that are weak against corrosive, like Saturn and OMGWTH.
This is why people stick with corrosive, no need to change and stuff.
Now, both non-elemental Omen and Bearcat should be nice additions to an explosive build. Dont know about the Bearcat, but the Omen splash is boosted by the explosive relic too.
So, thinking quickly I would say that


Fastball/Meteor Shower
Legendary Grenadier
Explosive relic

Should be a nice loadout for Axton right now. Easy on ammo, good punch.

We really need some testing with Non Elemental Omens and Non Elemental Bearcats

A 10/5 Duty Calls gives 100% Additive Gun Damage with the patch with another say 40% Additive gun Damage from the Specialist Com for shotguns…that’s 140% folks…even if it isn’t multiplicative.

And if it ALSO gets explosive damage from splash with the Grenade Bonus
And an Explosive Damage Relic…


And we should also add in a MULTIPLICATIVE gun damage bonus from an Aggression Relic for giggles and grins.

This combo may out damage a standard Corrosive Omen with a Corrosive Bone.

When was the last time Non Elemental out damaged Elemental on a matched enemy? I think like never.

OK…did some testing and…

Elemental versions of both the Omen and the Bearcat with a Bone Relic will still out perform a Non Elemental Version regardless of the Non-elemental gun damage bonuses from Duty Calls with the new changes to Duty Calls as well as the new Specialist com.

It improves the performance of both…slightly…but not enough that I would consider them viable alternatives.

The Non elemental versions actually do better with an Explosive damage relic then with non elemental boosts. But STILL not as good as the old standby of matching element and Bone Relic.

Both of these two non elemental weapons simply did not respond very well to non elemental boosts for whatever reasons.

So I think I will try a Corrosive Bearcat at the Peak…

And a Fire Bearcat against the three Dragons susceptible to fire