Patch 2.0 Bearcat and Non Elemental

With the changes to the Beacat…Torgue Barrels…Duty Calls…etc.

Is a Non Elemental Bearcat now a monster which would get a ton of gun damage boosts from Duty Calls

AND now benefits from Axton’s Grenade Damage Bonuses AND…does it benefit from an Explosive Damage relic as well??

Or about the same as an elemental version with a Bone Relic and Grenade Damage bonus?

I guess the question could also apply to non elemental Omens.

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OK…did some testing and…

Elemental versions of both the Omen and the Bearcat with a Bone Relic will still out perform a Non Elemental Version regardless of the Non-elemental gun damage bonuses from Duty Calls with the new changes to Duty Calls as well as the new Specialist com.

It improves the performance of both…slightly…but not enough that I would consider them viable alternatives.

The Non elemental versions actually do better with an Explosive damage relic then with non elemental boosts. But STILL not as good as the old standby of matching element and Bone Relic.

Both of these two non elemental weapons simply did not respond very well to non elemental boosts for whatever reasons.

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