Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

Hey guys, as reactions to the patch are likely to end up all over the place, and that’s fine.

BUT - Check in here, let us know what you think - and please, try to stay on topic, as we want to be able to read all of it :wink:


Should we also post here any bugs we find ?

If you want, sure - reactions can be good and bad…

Ok, it was just to know if you wanted to have those ones centralized too :wink:
End of off-topic ^^

So far while i am keeping an open mind on the new patch.

a couple of things are sticking out as …off in my games so far.

the lifetime of most fighters and corvettes feel shorter than before. even with setting the tactics to evasive.

Hw1 Corvettes want to act like defenders… which as stated above. greatly shortens their lifespan.

an odd bug i encountered with capital phalanx and a missile destroyer exiting the mothership.
i had added it to the strike group and control group as it was sliding off the external hatch. it proceeded to break the bay door animation and “slide” to the phalanxes location. this kept the motherships capital bay forced open until the next ship built, which at that time the “Sliding” Destroyer proceeded to return and finish its exit from the mothership properly. regretting i did not get a screenshot…

So I just ran through the first mission of HW1 and here are some minor bugs i noticed:

  1. During the intro NIS there is already a resourcer sitting out in front of the Mothership, so once the NIS spawns the one coming out of the mothership I end up with two resource collectors.
  2. During the tactics trial the UI element for Offensive(ROE) rather than any of the Stances buttons.
  3. When mousing over a UI button using the Homeworld classic cursor it switches to the Homeworld Remastered cursor.
  4. At the end of the mission the resourcers hyperspace away under their own power, but at the beginning of the next mission they are launched from the mothership.

Now you start with 2 collectors, mission 2 could go extremely slow because of resources operations, starting up with 2 makes things more smooth

HW1’s intro level got an extra RC late in the game to keep things working better.

Yeah, I personally don’t want the buttons changing the cursor at all. But not my area.

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Will the game be available via GOG Connect? Or at least could owners of Collectors Edition get a copy of the game on GOG (and maybe Soundtrack DLCs as well because why not)?


Ah - I understand. So you essentially short-circuited the door anim, and it glitched until reset. Shouldn’t be too tough to trap! Thanks!


I haven’t a clue, nor any control over that. I would suggest that is unlikely in the near term though - but again, I can’t read minds…

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Might there be a way to incorporate it into the NIS somehow? The way it is now just feels sloppy.

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Overall my reactions are very postitive! I’ll have to get used to the new strategies, but it seems like it’ll work really well! A couple of bugs/questions:

  1. It seems that sometimes holding down CTRL and box selecting doesn’t actually result in an attack command being issued. I’m not entirely sure under what circumstances this happens, but I’ll keep my eye out for more specifics.

  2. On the first time through Mission 3 (HW1) I was able to salvage both assault frigates (though I wasn’t able to keep the second). Now playing through it again the salvage corvettes won’t actually salvage him. They just sit and hold on to him without moving anywhere. (He’s considered “neutralized” though, so I can finish the mission).

  3. As mentioned above, HW1 corvettes sit still instead of flying around. Is that on purpose?

  4. Ships in formation turn around by yawing…causing them to sometimes run into each other (specifically in a delta formation). I’m assuming this is something in the engine that prevents them from doing immelmanns like in the original?

But like I said…these are all pretty minor. Overall I’m REALLY happy with it! :slight_smile:

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Actually another thing…I just left the game up and alt-tabbed here to type that out. Now when I go back to the game the hyperspace button is gone. I’m gonna try saving and reloading to see if it comes back.

EDIT: After going back into the game I cancelled the orders of the two salvage corvettes, then destroyed the frigate and the hyperspace button came back.

One other annoyance: Hitting B after bringing up the build menu doesn’t close it. Hitting R closes the research menu. Hitting L doesn’t close the Launch menu.

EDIT 2: Something else I forgot to mention: the cryo trays can’t be group selected for salvaging or healing.

EDIT 3 (last one, I promise): The repair corvette uses a regular gun sound when using the healing beam. It sounds very out of place.

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also caught salvage Corvettes Clipping thru the hull of the Kushan Carrier.


would it be possible to get an explanation of the changes to the HW1 Corvette Attack patterns?

i am still trying to wrap my head around it…(you can tell i like the Kushan Corvettes…)

So far I’m not de-syncing yet. No alt-tabs necessary!


I am loving it so far.

The research times are very swift on Kushan, which I can say I like. Also, the formations and ballistics work extremely well, I mean, for ripping code out an old game and replace it with a hybrid of both games, you guys made a miracle happen.

One small bug I noticed, the Kushan destroyer’s ion cannons do not make any sound when firing. For me the ion sounds is most important. That impact-full sound of death just YES.

Also need to add, the new latching system runs so much smoother. I can finally Y drag over all my frigates and trust the support ships to do their jobs well.


I’m not a fan either, maybe they change it, anyway, they move around on evasive.

It has always been like this. B/L will cycle between each construction/docking capable ships. You need to use CTRL+B/CTRL+L to close the panel (Research doesn’t have this behavior because there is no cycling on it) :wink: