Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

SUBLIME! :smiley: NOTHING BUT SUBLIME! The graphics have been improved?

A huge chunk of this patch WAS balancing for all 4 races so that none of them are better or worse than the other and as far as the reactions go the vast majority seems to think the balance is good.


Agux, see this for details of the balance changes:


So no more goblins! Yay 1 less thing to worry about.

How about lods?(Level Of Detail) Unchanged or?

Oh, we use LOD a great deal now that Goblins are gone… Pay close attention to the Hgn_MS, for example…


I am really digging the changes for HW2, they definitely gel a lot better with my play style. Frigates feel a bit beefier, going to use them a lot more, especially flack frigates. Corvettes feel great and formations are working great with them, I really think you guys managed to combine the formations with HW2 squadrons extremely well, great job.

I also noted that the dustclouds really do stand out a lot more. I never had an issue with them in the past and it’s not quite to my personal taste but definitely appreciate that it can help other players that had issues with it in missions where you have to stick to them.


This patch is a total broken nonsense. Thank you for making an entertaining game with some small issues boring and mostly unplayable.

Im writing this from a perspective of a heavy multiplayer-user. I will try to be objectively but its hard to be after all what happened in the last 18 Months. We bought a game with BETA Multiplayer and had to suffer from numberless crashes, lags and other issues before it started working some months after release. The community was mostly scared off by that time so that the core-community had to wait long from summer on to get any game going. Now nearly 1 year after this u come with such a nonesense, made by developers that obviously doesnt know how to play remastered and totally clueless forum members that ive mostly never seen in multiplayer games.

The patch succeded in destroying nearly all the fighter micromanagement possibilities that we had before. now excluding EMP its just a matter of the unitnumber. the battles take so long that the position of the fighters and attack angle doesnt really matter anymore. Before the patch when the opposing fightergroups first touched u could mostly kill 3 or 4 squads when u were attacking in the right moment and from right direction and could decide a 14 vs 14 squad battle with that. Most players didnt use that kind of advantages and just sent in their fighters and wondered why they lose all the time. Now they dont need to worry about that. I cant believe how anyone could have the idea, that fighterbattles are fun when they last minutes long.

Because of the high armor of the fighters and low damage its barely not possible to use weaknesses of enemy fighter fleetposition anymore. the battles take so long that teammember can bring their fighters from far away to help and they will arrive before the battle is decided. That makes it so hard to take out a group of enemy fighters and get an advantage in number. You also dont need to care about motherships or shipyards anymore. they are no longe able to make any significant damage to ur fighters so the battle wont be decided by that.

Formations are a big joke. We tested them hw 2 vs hw 2 and the group of fighters with no formations always won. its just a disadvantage. Im always happy to see enemy players using them. i know that i will win the upcoming fight for sure.

Interceptors can no longer kill modules. killing a module takes probably longer than flying from one side of crimson bond to the other… That was a big micromanagement possibility. It was so easy to take out enemy bcs or destroyers by using this. especially when enemy didnt protect their shipyards or moved is fighters far away. You could kill mods and subsystems. But it was risky because u suffered damge from mothership or shipyard weapons which had made u lose the battle if enemy player had fighters hinself to defend.

Now you just need the fighters to defend fighters or kill collectors. and dont say that you should use bombers to kill subsystems or modules. Using bombers makes you lose slots for interceptors which will make you lose fighter superiority. so no experienced player in a balanced game will build them. that makes battles really boring. You cant stop enemy from building or using battlecruisers so u have to build capitals urself and the matches will end in big bc battles even more.

Thats really funny because so many players complained about the bc-only games. now thats what they get even more. You cant stop them building them and you cant control them. I didnt build bcs very often in the last 9 months because you could kill the enemy ones so easy. Now i nearly have no possibility to prevent from them.

Most funny thing ever comes now: Full squads of hig interceptors lose battle vs hw1 scouts. My opponent didnt have more than 50 or so maybe 40 It tooka while but they had no chance. We tested it twice. How broken is that?

And the balance between vaygr and hiigaran is worse than before. 11 Ints and 6 scouts vs 14 Strikes and 6 Scouts both with emp will make hiigaran lose all the time. We tested it multiple times. What a great work :-).

Fighters are so strong now that 5 intsquads easily can kill a torp frigate. Thats definately the end of hypertorp-strat. And another tactical possibility destroyed by the nice new patch.

i mostly played hw2 factions. but i think u can image how strong are hw1 fighters now. they probably kill flaks in a couple seconds by now. The biggest advantage of hw1 was that fighters were single. that gave them a huge infight advantage. that was the main fighterissue. every squadron can follow just a single enemy fighter. that makes it much longer to kill all enemies. thats why hw1 always won. now its probably even more brutal as you can image after i told you from the scout issue.

And here we come to an issue that was really necessary to change. The well know gunship weakness. It didnt change much. You dont need to fear them. Just send in ur interceptors and ur good. these units are only usefull when they can kill fighters very effectively like 4-6 squads vs 14 ints win the battle. if u need 10 or 12 its just a waste of money and time.

I dont know why you obviously wanted to push the frigates so much? they were powerful and good. now some specific thinks make them even weaker in some points. i mentioned the fighter vs torp thing. fighters can kill all frigates better now. that means that its way harder to capture things with marine frigates. they go down so fast. and another tactical possibility that dot patched out…

Platforms are finally useless now. because of the fighters are stronger its possibly to kill the platforms much faster than before. noone should use them anymore. i cant imagine any sense for that. And another tactical possibility that got patched out of the game.

How boring is that? Destroyers shot so slow now. BCs are weaker. It takes so long to end the battles vs players that are already beaten. It makes every game totally unneccessary 5 minutes longer… And the shotgraphics look so lame now that u would love to skip that battle.

Who understands why the capacity is reduced to 5 for destroyers now? and 2 for bcs. they are weaker and that makes it even longer to finish the game.

The patch kills a lot of micromanagement and tactical possiblities. Interceptors are onedimensional now. platforms useless, gunships useless, hypertorp out, marines weakened, modules will be easy to protect, capitals are weak. How do you want us to play the game? just focus on frigates and add some destroyers and bcs, move forward to a big battle in mid and then leaving the winner 15mins of killing the enemy base?? Where is space for creativity? Where are possibilites to stab others in the back? Do you want no variety in this game? Is the only task of fighters to kill or protect ressources and kill bombers? This game became boring. A one dimensional strict-linear gameplay was the end of Deserts of Kharak. It got boring in a week and noone liked to play it anymore. Every game was the same. Thats what will happen here.

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So basically you are upset because the meta game changed, and you don’t like the new meta, hum ok.


I had 2 harvester close to each other on 2 asteroids, also very close to one another. My guess: They interfered with their docking patterns.

Other than that I fail to see your answer here. Just because it didn’t happen for you doesn’t mean it can’t happen to somebody else. :wink:

At least you’re confirming that this seems to be kinda rare indeed which is good.

Noticed that as well. While I don’t find it that bad it certainly is true that this is aesthetically not so pleasing. Perhaps it can get improved upon a little bit. But if there’s a chance that this would ruin things once again then I wouldn’t risk it if I were in Gearbox their shoes.

While the strategies that you used in the unbalanced state before the patch may have been weakened, it has opened up many more avenues for strategies and control (as well as the HW1 races standing a chance now against late-game HW2 races). Beta version was not final and this level of changes were to be expected for a 2.0 level patch (which we knew was coming for quite some time). You may have to re-develop strategies in the new meta but that doesn’t mean it’s worse. I for one have had a fantastic experience with the mp I have played so far and I commend GBX for their efforts.


That reminds me @BitVenom there’s a bad LOD in place on Taiidan side for their Harvester controller or harvester. Whenever a harvester docks on it while you’re zoomed out mid to very far you can see the harvester sticking half inside the res controller. But only on a far zoom stage. If you’re zoomed in close by it’s perfect.

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Meh, I won’t even waste my time.


Your salty attitude doesn’t help either my man. If you really want to help the devs and the community overall you should specify accurately which things you think should be changed or modified in the game to help the balance. I agree that the balance needs work but whining isn’t the right way.


You are funny. You are talking like you would have any clue of this game. The problem is: 188hrs playtime and we never faced you. That means you have no significant experience to blame anything “unbalanced” in this game. Your opinion is just irrelevant for any balance discussions. But you are telling me of “more avenues for strategies”.

I dont want to help. Its 14 months since release. its not my job. i gave my opinion in the forums last summer like some of the good players did. noone listened. now we will have to live with that result. In my case this means to uninstall that game and never ever buy a gearbox-game again.

The only arrogance I’ve observed here is yours. You seem to think that since you and your friends were so attached to the status quo and spent so much time with it that that grants you superior judgement to everyone else.

I’ve been a Homeworld fan since 1999, and I think that the balance in v2.0 is definitely not worse than it was in v1.30. That is my OPINION. Just as you stating that it is worse is yours. It is not a fact. Please stop acting as such.


If people wanted to be more involved with the development in this game, they could’ve. The developers have been very, VERY receptive and have worked well with many people that chose to be involved and provide input and their experience. I am not one for defending gearbox, but I know professionalism when I see it.

Even now you could’ve presented your views in a more constructive manner, which may have affected started a thought process that could’ve led to some changes.

Too often have I noticed very learned and experienced community members that have had a lot of great ideas that could’ve been a boon to the game just come off as abrasive and angry. What a waste.

It really is a shame because it is a disservice to the series. If you love the game, people should’ve tried to involve themselves. We all lose in this situation.

Let’s move on, please.


Okay, just to make sure I’m not the only one seeing this in CPU skirmishes since no one has responded to my previous descriptions of the problem, @BitVenom, have you seen this before?

Basically, the Taiidan (and Kushan) ai has lost the ability to use its bombers correctly; building upwards of 50 of them usually, and leaving them all in parade. In the pic you can see one carrier’s unused bomber parade, along with 3 other parades of bombers in the background, all belonging to the same ai player.

I think this is one of the major ai issues at the moment that needs to be addressed. I’m assuming it is related t the patch.


So you think that i am responsible to make sure to prevent that a bunch of nonexperienced people ruin that gameplay in the forums? Thats the joke of the year. Normally it would be the developers job to make sure that they get the information from the good players and not from the ones that are just complaining that they are losing all the time.

And congratulations. You succeeded in working a total year on making the unbalance between hw1 and hw2 fighters even bigger. thats an impressive piece of work. Thumbs up!