Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

While the strategies that you used in the unbalanced state before the patch may have been weakened, it has opened up many more avenues for strategies and control (as well as the HW1 races standing a chance now against late-game HW2 races). Beta version was not final and this level of changes were to be expected for a 2.0 level patch (which we knew was coming for quite some time). You may have to re-develop strategies in the new meta but that doesn’t mean it’s worse. I for one have had a fantastic experience with the mp I have played so far and I commend GBX for their efforts.


That reminds me @BitVenom there’s a bad LOD in place on Taiidan side for their Harvester controller or harvester. Whenever a harvester docks on it while you’re zoomed out mid to very far you can see the harvester sticking half inside the res controller. But only on a far zoom stage. If you’re zoomed in close by it’s perfect.

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Meh, I won’t even waste my time.


Your salty attitude doesn’t help either my man. If you really want to help the devs and the community overall you should specify accurately which things you think should be changed or modified in the game to help the balance. I agree that the balance needs work but whining isn’t the right way.


You are funny. You are talking like you would have any clue of this game. The problem is: 188hrs playtime and we never faced you. That means you have no significant experience to blame anything “unbalanced” in this game. Your opinion is just irrelevant for any balance discussions. But you are telling me of “more avenues for strategies”.

I dont want to help. Its 14 months since release. its not my job. i gave my opinion in the forums last summer like some of the good players did. noone listened. now we will have to live with that result. In my case this means to uninstall that game and never ever buy a gearbox-game again.

The only arrogance I’ve observed here is yours. You seem to think that since you and your friends were so attached to the status quo and spent so much time with it that that grants you superior judgement to everyone else.

I’ve been a Homeworld fan since 1999, and I think that the balance in v2.0 is definitely not worse than it was in v1.30. That is my OPINION. Just as you stating that it is worse is yours. It is not a fact. Please stop acting as such.


If people wanted to be more involved with the development in this game, they could’ve. The developers have been very, VERY receptive and have worked well with many people that chose to be involved and provide input and their experience. I am not one for defending gearbox, but I know professionalism when I see it.

Even now you could’ve presented your views in a more constructive manner, which may have affected started a thought process that could’ve led to some changes.

Too often have I noticed very learned and experienced community members that have had a lot of great ideas that could’ve been a boon to the game just come off as abrasive and angry. What a waste.

It really is a shame because it is a disservice to the series. If you love the game, people should’ve tried to involve themselves. We all lose in this situation.

Let’s move on, please.


Okay, just to make sure I’m not the only one seeing this in CPU skirmishes since no one has responded to my previous descriptions of the problem, @BitVenom, have you seen this before?

Basically, the Taiidan (and Kushan) ai has lost the ability to use its bombers correctly; building upwards of 50 of them usually, and leaving them all in parade. In the pic you can see one carrier’s unused bomber parade, along with 3 other parades of bombers in the background, all belonging to the same ai player.

I think this is one of the major ai issues at the moment that needs to be addressed. I’m assuming it is related t the patch.


So you think that i am responsible to make sure to prevent that a bunch of nonexperienced people ruin that gameplay in the forums? Thats the joke of the year. Normally it would be the developers job to make sure that they get the information from the good players and not from the ones that are just complaining that they are losing all the time.

And congratulations. You succeeded in working a total year on making the unbalance between hw1 and hw2 fighters even bigger. thats an impressive piece of work. Thumbs up!

There is a simple solution, stop playing the game and play something else instead of bothering everyone else with your whining, you obviously are not interested in giving constructive criticism and valuable feedback so stop wasting your and our time and simply play something else instead, thank you (any reply to this will be ignored).

@Everyone else

I suggest we ignore this guy from now on before this thread gets derailed like some others were in the past :wink:


Even if we accept the assertion that you are knowledgeable about the game and those who have had a hand in the balance are not, tuning a game based solely on the feedback of the top level players doesn’t automatically make a better game for everyone. You have to design around all levels of skill, or likely alienate the lower skill players. After all, the top players by definition make up a tiny fraction of the player base.


From what I understand the balancing efforts were very scientific, using “dev-hax” to spawn in handfuls of specific ships and running them at each other until the combat felt right for each ships’ intended role. Pretty simple.

At this point the balance is pretty close to where it’s intended aside from a few bugs resulting in weird flight patterns.


Look, Blessed_GER, instead of getting hyper-defensive of your views, why don’t you upload some evidence of the new imbalances that you’re talking about?

That’s as useless and unconstructive a thing to say as anything Blessed_GER has said @maelrizzo. He’s allowed to be annoyed and critical of the game, it’s just that he needs to provide something to back up what he’s saying in order for it to be more useful to the community.


Reminder to everyone talk about the game and not each other, this is in the forum rules and will be enforced.


Few observations:

In numerous ai test runs including some mp games I noticed that:

  • Formations can sometimes bug out. Example: Only the squadron leader is firing while the rest of the squadron just flies along side but wont engage (well within firing range & arc.)

  • Often on “Defensive & aggressive mode” fighters fly their approaches so tight that they fire like 2 or 3 shots before evading enemies for their next flyby. Might need a slight range buff for their attack patterns.

  • I feel that the general accuracy of fighters could need a slight buff up for every faction. It’s funny watching a squadron of 20 fighters claiming only 1 kill of an enemy 5 unit Squadron during each flyby. Guess it was a little overdone regarding “missing shots”.

  • Hiigaran Flak frigates should give slightly lesser damage eventually. Perhaps by 2% to 5% giving opposing fighters a little chance. (In vast numbers the ai spams fighters are hopelessly useless,corvettes included) This is just a feeling I don’t know the exact numbers and values behind it. For all I know it might be fine the way it is.

  • HW1 Multigun corvettes (at least Taiidan) are having a weird response delay of around 3 seconds longer than any remaining faction unit in game. Should get fixed.

  • BC’s anti fighter accuracy seems to good. They never seem to miss. I would either slightly reduce the damage they give or lower their accuracy a little bit. I attacked with 3 larger formations consisting of corvettes and bombers and they all lost against 1 lonely Hiigaran BC. This can’t be right.

If I see more discrepancies I will post em here.

EDIT: I failed to realize that there’s a bug report topic by now. I shall post my findings there.

[quote=“KennyTheKlever, post:223, topic:1501936”]
That’s as useless and unconstructive a thing to say as anything Blessed_GER has said @maelrizzo. He’s allowed to be annoyed and critical of the game, it’s just that he needs to provide something to back up what he’s saying in order for it to be more useful to the community.[/quote]

I would disagree, if someone is unhappy about a product he/she is free to post constructive criticism and his own opinion of it as feedback, yes, but I can’t see any valid criticism/feedback in the posts I was referring to but rather hostility and arrogance. So if that is not the case it simply becomes angry ranting and that is of no use to anyone and can be solved by not playing the game that annoys you so much if you can’t be bothered to point out what is bothering you.

I could have phrased it a bit differently, agreed, but I stick to my point that if you can’t be constructive about your criticism, don’t bother posting it and go do something else instead, because it isn’t helping anyone at that point and only sparks (as we can clearly see here) unnecessary heated discussions that tend to go off topic real fast.

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I stopped reading his posts midway, when I saw “i gave my opinion in the forums last summer”, went to his profile, and saw he joined in september but only posted his first post… today.
So much for credibility (I’m not saying he’s wrong or whatever, just that openly lying will not help him defend his points)

That’s why I suggested to stop responding to him until he becomes civil and brings forth valid points ;), but now we are again talking about it :smiley: so lets drop this topic before we get in (more? ^^) trouble and enjoy the new patch (that was super quick !) instead :wink: