Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

Too quick ! I didn’t even had time to update my UI mod with 2.0 ^^

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Yeah I was really suprised how fast that patch came out, just goes to show just how much work went into the 2.0 patch considering how long that took to finish :slight_smile: You can say what you want about Hw:RM not being perfect at release, but the support for this game is incredible !


Indeed not much credibility, I won’t bother check what he said, first cuz I know from countless tests that 5 claw interceptor can beat up any other fighter configuration. And second cuz the last time I heard he taking about something wrong with balance in the balance mod he said that 5 assault frigates were killing 1 destroyer in 30 seconds, so I went for the test and 5 assault frigates vs 1 destroyer actually ended up with a destroyer win (15% health) in 205 seconds, so… yeah…


That’s an understatement when you remember the only patch we had with HW2. I was afraid at first because of the history of gbx with some games, but they’ve clearly earned my respect for what they’ve done here. Kudos to them, seriously


Yeah that one patch :stuck_out_tongue: that was really sad, but thankfully it is all better now :smiley: I had the same kind of fears as you regarding some (and really only some) of Gbx’ past games but as you’ve said, they earned my respect as well.

He was a troll - nothing else to it. In fact I read an interesting article about that some while ago. People like him are most likely originating from other communities which are competitive to certain games. So they go in there to the other community causing trouble. Kinda pathetic and childish. One of the reasons why I didn’t even bother arguing with him. And if he was so good as he claimed wheres the problem in adjusting to the new system and finding new advantages etc.? But lets forget him. He has been suspended till 2043 ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to the topic shall we?
Did you read my post regarding the squadron behaviors could you comment on that on how much it’s accurate? Is there perhaps anything a player can do to enhance their performance by micromanagement etc?


There is a fix that just rolled out that might have fixed some of your concerns I believe, I have to check myself as well :slight_smile:

No, I hadn’t seen that. Wow!

Oh ya it seems so at least for corvettes.

They also fixed that exploit I reported earlier (assuming it came from my report) nice… Seems patches will be a lot more frequent now.

I noticed two bugs; one of them may be an engine limitation.

The first bug: I had two Vagyr resource collectors mining a large asteroid, while two allied collectors of Hiigaran design also mine the asteroid. Upon the asteroid becoming depleted, the Hiigaran collectors detached. I cannot say if the Hiigaran collectors were full or half filled. Despite that, my Vagyr collectors stayed on the now depleted asteroid, and they would not respond to any command other than self-destruct.

The second bug (or engine limitation): Some Hiigaran Ion Cannon Frigates under the conditions of Aggressive and in Broad or Wall formation do not fire at the target. Basically, the frigate that fires first gets a priority while the other frigates are busy maintaining the formations; what should happen instead is being able to maintain formation and slightly adjust rotation to fire at the target. This bug happens when firing at frigates or shipyards and anything in between.

Under Neutral or Evasive they all fire at the target; however, this breaks the formation.

Edit: I posted this just as the patched started downloading. Forget I said anything if both problems are corrected.

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Yeah, lol. Kind of impressive, but an annoying bug nonetheless.

Edit: I should note that the Kushan don’t do what is seen in the pic: they have ceased building their attack bombers altogether, it seems…


Another thing I noticed is that Vaygr infiltrator frigates’ attempts at capturing Kushan resource collectors seem to bug out now, with the capture attempt always failing.

But other than that bug, the infiltrator frigates are WAY more efficient than they used to be. You must have overhauled their latch point paths/logic or something. Much appreciated!

The only issue I’ve seen so far,that hasn’t already been covered here, is on the final mission of HW1. (2.1 patch)

In the final stages of the mission I tried to keep up with Captain Elson’s destroyer only to get bogged down fighting HCs. Meanwhile, Captain Elson walked right through 3 HC and at least 4 destroyers to, single-handedly, destroy the Taiidan mothership.

This doesn’t seem to happen all the time because the first time I did this mission (on 2.0 patch day) his destroyer was taken out by the enemy defenders easily.

Edit: I think what happened was that my fleet was close enough that all the defenders were going for me and completely ignored Captain Elson.

o/ HWR community

I’m GhostRider waves ^^. Yep, that dude with 2375 gaming hours which (based on a rough math) would translate to approximately 1800h of actual gaming hours.

As y’all probably figured out I do have a problem, a condition of sorts. It is called CHWRAS. It translates to “chronic homeworld remastered addiction syndrome”. I’m an addict and the only way to quench my thirst is to give me an “injection” of my favorite game. lol

Some of you were my teammates and some were facing me in battle. Thought that it would be a good idea at this point to bring my 2 cents so Gearbox devs and community would get balanced signals coming from veteran side in light of some signals being heard on steam and native gearbox forum platform.

My overall impression of post patch based on around 20 or so games, mostly kharam wrecks,1 S training grounds, 1 sarum game, few hostilities end, few shields and 2-3 crimson bonds:

Like to dislike ratio 80% like /20% dislike. Overall I do like and appreciate efforts Gearbox vested in bringing this fourth.

With that being said I will voice few things I feel that needs to be fixed or improved and will state (probably surprisingly) one thing that made me extatic about this update.

Biggest improvement (among others in 80% of like category). When starting a game I no longer see circles in the clouds with in game cursor losing proper functionality which made impossible to set scouting wave points and made UI waay more difficult to interact with.

This issue was finally gone in this patch!!! Frame rate is also up by what it seems 30 or so fps may be even more on my alienware skylake 980 laptop. Game runs significantly smoother post patch.

In clouds/nebula circles were observed 60-70% of the time. I could not pin point how it was triggered but cimson bond was biggest offender. May be it was map related, not certain.

Few things that I would hope gearbox would improve on. Yes… HT (hyper torps were magnificent!). It forced noobies to be on their toes. Now every second game I see people skip probing and scouting knowing that the chance of torp landing in their lap is slim to none. People getting waaay too relaxed in my experience. :sunglasses: With recent changes in game mechanics it made it harder to snipe HW1 research ships which taking very few chances away from hw2 to potentially beat hw1 in close quarters brawls.

At this point based on my limited exposure skilled hw1 will almost certainly decimate hw2 on maps like shield and kharam wreck.

Another biggest thing that I feel at some point gearbox will hopefully take a look at are battlecruisers which gotten pretty much overnerfed is the way I see it. Quantity reduction, dps reduction and hps reduction. Now I safely suspect majority of community members reaction would be to think “hmmmm he is hw2 battlecruiser junkie haha and probably a 13 yold noobie who may think he is good but in reality just gotten used to his big toys and need to learn some new starts”. :slight_smile: Fair enough, that is a valid point except in 20 or so post patch games I felt the need to build bc only once. :slight_smile: Was very content mopping the maps with ions+support.

In fact what I did noticed is substantial amount of younger (in game age) players gravitate to building battlecruisers or heavy cruisers and getting steamrolled by frigate lines.

Now if it was up to me I would nerfed hc/bc hps (which is a natural change as there is no longer lvl2 research for hw2) and left dps and quantity in tact.

I could present additional details as I’ve had similar conversation with LightofHiigara in teamspeak on hiig destroyers vs frigs where destroyers will get overpowered (I feel hiigaran destroyers would need a little buff either in dps or hp but not both) also I liked 7 destroyers as that would give an excellent addition to the depth of the game and if a player can withould frigate pressure mid game he/she would be able to achieve dd superiority late game at 30-45 minute mark. By taking out 2 destroyers strategic depth route has been taken out of the game and destroyers became more of a direct/balanced/symmetrical counter to frigate (and few other unit types) without any time base asymmetry in it aka ability to achieve superiority at a different time markers aka late game.

The same with battlecruisers, if anything I feel that substantially increasing bc/hc build time would be a way to go while preserving dps and quantity (very important quantity) while lopping off hps. That would allow someone who learned the game well to potentially achieve a unit superiority late game.

A general well intentional warning to the gearbox and community. Be wary of making the game waaay too symmetrical tactically, strategically and temporary (time vise). I felt that beauty of hwr was always asymmetry and ability to achieve superiority at a different time markers which could lead to victory either economically (destroying someones economy) or militarily avoiding economy destruction and going straight for the units.

A significant depth in unit amount would allow multiple different ways to achieve supriotity and win the game which also brings me to the area I have not tested yet which is different unit settings as I overwhelmingly play the game on standard unit settings. (and haven’t tried high huge) In light of this I feel reduction of unit quantity of destroyers and battlecruisers is detrimental to the game depth. With that being said regular skilled hiigaran bc would hover at 11-12 min build time and noobie bc 14-18 min build time. If we shift these to 17 (skilled)-23 (noobie) minute mark it will be still viable late game tool if someone survived in the game 20 mins they may have deserved to achieve “bc/hc superiority” (if this is even right term for it)

Last paragraph is just some of my thoughts and would need to be tested if gearbox/Cman wanna dedicate sometime to it as this would need to propagate fully to standard high and huge unit settings.

Oh and lastly. I play mostly hiigaran and let me tell y’all. Skilled Taiidans are BEASTS. I don’t have enough experience to say they are significantly superior to hw2 but based on all I’ve seen so far I’m heavily leaning in that direction to the point of just giving up 1v1ing hw1 on shield and switching to the “dark side”. heh

I may add additional impressions of the post patch world when gaining additional experience.

Appreciate everyone’s time and patience reading my hopefully at least partially coherent WOT.



Thanks for the fix of the Turanic Carrier with engine subsystem and engine glow :+1:

However the engine subsystem doesn’t have an icon defined:

This can be fixed by adding the following line to shipicons.lua:

Tur_CarrierEngine         = Icon_Subsystem_Engine
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Subsystem HP was an issue due to balancing with HW1. Isn’t that obvious?

I guess ideally it should have been made that subsystems repair for cheaper and faster after being destroyed than the first time it’s built, but this is how it is.

Before, well if HW1 units were buffed to be on par, they’re then overpowered since you can’t do anything to stop them from building HCs like you can stop HW2 races from building BCs. Which wouldn’t be balanced.

And a lot of your points contradict each other. You say “people complain about nothing but BCs and now you made it impossible to stop people from teching to BCs” and then you say “BCs are weak and useless”.

I think it would be nice if “HW2 Deathmatch” mode use the previous stats and such, even though it wouldn’t be completely the same with other changes. But HW2 races couldn’t stay exactly the same and be balanced to the HW1 ones, so of course there are changes in the mode with them all.

And to Ghost, well Shield is the worst map to compare balance on. It’s so much smaller and different than the other maps. I guess ideally they would be all balanced on shield and other maps, and the large ones, but it’s hard.

Hey there Ghost!

Great feedback, glad you are enjoying it (80% is good, i think hehe).
About the cruiser part, this rate that you showed up reminds me a lot of the rate present in HW1C, usually I would see only a HC once in 20 games.
People have different way to approach the cruiser subject, IMO I would decrease the cap to only 1 cruiser, sounds crazy right, but also I would buff it, I would make it a little stronger than it was in the release version! I like the idea of having that one Titan unit that can destroy everything but it is also unique, so if you lose it you are in trouble, so you have to protect it no matter what, and if you lose it hope that you have time to get a new one before getting killed, high risk and high reward kind of play you know, well but that is my point of view.
I’m not sure if things can or can not change from now on, but anyway great feedback is always good!

Is it my imagination, or are fighter battles way slower than before? It’s like they just can’t hit each other no matter what. The furball goes on forever and often only ends when it drifts into the enemy Mothership! :sweat_smile:

Again, I’m not sure if this is related to the patch, but I noticed this small glitch with the pride of Hiigara badge earlier:

Ya, another user mentioned the same thing here, Kenny.

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So it does seem to be patch 2.0-related. I guess I’ll just leave it up here anyway.