Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

Balance tweaks may have to be looked at again after this is fixed…EDIT < mark thru this, sorry I realize you do that every time a patch is released…

EDIT: ya know, a lot of this stuff lends credence to what that troll guy was saying (what was his name? GER steffan or something?).

That ‘GER’ guy’s manner of speaking/communicating and some of the inane accusations he made stripped him of any credence, period.

Nobody was intentionally excluded from helping us make this game - some people were reached out to because they seemed on the ball and amiable.

The majority of posts about this patch have been positive - including frequently ones pointing out bugs or legitimate issues.

A minority have been of the unavoidable ‘you changed the thing I wanted, now I am not happy’ variety… with a mix of just crude and stupid, or smart/eloquent but no less hard-headed and antiquated.

This process is ongoing due to it’s nature, and we’ll find bits here and there to adjust, certainly.


Yes, I fully agree with you. I was just referring to things mentioned about fighter combat, cap ship modules, and torp frigs.

Yup, but only one post had numbers and facts in it :wink:

I bet you the original post would have gotten a much, MUCH more positive reception if it had been the same as Cloaked’s post. See, you can argue against opinions and feelings but you can’t argue against numbers and facts (if they’re reproducible). Basically saying, “When X against Y, Z happens, can anyone else reproduce?” is better than a huge giant rage post.


You’ve reminded me of the Y bandbox support command issue I’ve been having.

If I have a large fleet, say, 4 groups of 20 ships all in X formations, and I band select all of them with a support frigate, sometimes it will just sit there confused. The blue repair line shows that it has the orders but it won’t move to support.
Is there a max number of ships that any one ship can support before it just wiggs out and does nothing?

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The Kushan and Taiidan support frigate repair functions correctly on my client. I haven’t tried the Homeworld 2 repair functions yet.

For smaller formations the support corvettes/frigates work fine. I’m talking about what some might consider to be an excessive amount of ships for a single support craft.

I understand that one ship supporting 80 others is horribly inefficient if I want any repairs to be done. But the support ship should at least attempt to move towards the fleet, right?

Edit: In general, what I am doing in-game is taking a group of 4-5 support frigates and Y selecting a huge fleet, half of them will sit and do nothing.

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Same for me how ever yesterday I had a case in a mp 1v1 that 1 of my repair corvettes wouldn’t heal my mothership (badly damaged due to platform spam). In fact it tried to attach itself on the front side of it (Taiidan MS middle front - not top side,bottom or rear) it wasn’t doing anything but shaking around and no other ship was nearby which could’ve blocked it. @bitvenom please investigate. Eventually I ordered it elsewhere and then back and it found a new spot to attach itself. On top of the mothership and healing began. Hopefully it just was bad luck.

Sounds like a dodgy latch point

yap I would think so @lazer72.

I got to see this first hand in game today, and it was obvious something was very wrong. So I ran some tests:

70 kushan scouts vs 70 hiigaran interceptors = 61 scouts
70 kushan scouts vs 70 kushan interceptors = 54 scouts
#Holly hell!!!

This is by far the biggest balance issue right now. Obviously interceptors should be beating scouts here, but its a landslide in the other direction…

I did some digging and looks like an oversight gave hw1 scouts double their intended damage vs fighters. I’d highly suggest not using hw1 scouts online until this is resolved.


I suspected that something might be wrong with interceptors for both HW1 factions but I didn’t wanna sound like a whiner.

Sounds like a comma at the wrong place in regards of accuracy or armor perhaps damage even. Scouts are indeed superior over Interceptors by latest game experience. In mp I barely build em at all at the moment but rather additional corvettes and bombers.

Perhaps somebody also simply confused the values for the 2 units and they should be the opposite of one another. @bitvenom please investigate.

So that Blessed_GER guy seems to have made quite a few legitimate points, it seems…

And if Cloaked hadn’t sifted through his vile posts and extracted the small useful parts it would have been ignored alltogether, because he might have some legitimate points but the way he presented them made most people ignore him completely and rightfully so because that was no way to formulate any useful criticism :wink:


Another bug:

I’m unable to recreate this bug consistently, but voice and battle chatter audio disappears altogether during engagements in Skirmish mode. Sometimes it’s instantaneous, other times the audio disappears long after large engagements begin.


This is bad, especially when your mothership is under attack and it does not inform you.

It takes a person of mature and very professional character to sift through upset critiques to garner some useful and important information. I was unable to do it.


How is a manner of speaking stripping someone of credence? An angry unsatisfied customer is the one who’s arguments you should be listening to the most. He has over 1000 hours of gameplay and has intricate knowledge of how it’s balanced and how it performs. He even took the time to write a lengthy post with arguments of why he thinks the balance is skewed. And he really does mention that it wasn’t tested by the people who should have tested it - the one’s who’ve been playing it the most.

I’m sure it’s not that hard to find out who put in the most gametime or find out who people percieve as very skilled players. I’m sure if anyone would have asked Blessed to take a look at the new patch he would have been more then happy to spend hours testing it - so don’t blame it on the customer again, that’s just backwards.

There are others who just downright uninstalled the game or don’t want to play it anymore who clocked similar hours to Blessed (Madbomber, Azrael, PPOR,…) and the fact that your response is arrogant and outright dismissive towards them is doing the very thing you condemn.

As for the patch itself: It has potential, good potential. But so did the previous patch.

For the games i’ve played I’ve noticed the following:

  • Formations, while looking “cool” are pretty much useless. They just slow down the efficiency of the fighters. Maybe I need to test this more to confirm it but I think fighters without formations win most of the time vs fighters with formations.
  • Fighter battles take waaaaay too long and are waaaay to spread out. I can build them faster then I can kill fighters. No sense in micro as mothership and carrier now just shoot empty space rather then fighters. Platforms are useless too, you can fight around them and ignore them.
  • Frigates are paperthin, even worse then before the patch. Interceptors can ■■■■ frigates while nothing can stop them as it takes ages to kill fighters with fighters.
  • BCs and DDs are both paperweights now, no reason to put in the investment and time, just spam frigs and you’ll win 9/10.
  • Due to the above points the game is “production wars” now. The player is not rewarded for certain risks like not going for fighters and straight for corvettes or for frigates or for bigger things. You just get fighters as fast you can, build carriers, then corvettes/frigates, then big stuff. Gather all of your ■■■■ and slowly move over the map and hope you have more stuff then the enemy does.
  • The game is so slow? Or it feels so slow… I don’t know. I spent 45m match on Kharham wreck? Normally that’s all done and said within 20m. It felt as if i was doing nothing the entire time and that’s not really a good thing.

Think I summed up the most of my grievances with the patch. I’ll do more playing and testing and I’ll come back if I find other issues.

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Well first balance got help from people with a lot of gameplay time, i got 550 hours on the vanilla version, 1000+ on HW1C, a few hundreds on HW2C, and God know how many freaking hours i got on test builds, not to mention the retarded time used on excel and calculator, same goes for another players like Cloaked that used an absurd number of hours on this game, im pretty sure that he pass my already high time on this franchise. So I think that i know some things about this game, and can properly play it, even though that arrogant dude called Blessed says the opposite.
His accusation that i changed the game to benefit myself is just beyond absurd and shows how much of an angry kid he is, first off cuz i never decide the core of the rebalance, nope that was the community and the devs, how many freaking times you would see on the forums “frigates sucks”, “cruisers are op and are running the game”, “figther sucks”. Also God and devs know how many times i asked for a nerf on hw1 (my favorite race) and asked for a buff on hw2, I merely helped to ajust what was already settle by the public opinnion and the devs.
For the public opinion the game have improved a lot, you can research it yourself on steam, reddit and even here, sure it is not perfect (is anything on the world perfect?) and problems will be looked at sometime, but acting like a spoiled angry COD kid doesnt make him any right.
Plus as stated before, the game is not made for mr. Blessed and his so called elite crew, it is made for the 550k players that bought it, so everyone opinions matters.
And no, mr Blessed didn’t wanna to help, he said it himself.


I’m not saying that the general opinion has gone down? Many people play the game in different ways and people who play it competitive (like Blessed, whether or not you think he is a dick or not) see that there’s a lot of stuff really screwed up making it a much less enjoyable experience then it was before.

For people playing singleplayer and skirmishes I have no doubt that this is a great update for them, I’m not denying that at all. Most of the responses are “formations look cool!” and I agree on that point.

For multiplayer and competitive play however you need actual matches being played in a real context and not simulations out of context, this is what I am really referring too. I am not downplaying yours or Cloaked’s role in all of this, but if you have some of the best players in the game quitting it because of an update you don’t think there should be some skeptical enquiry into why they’re doing it?

Pleae stop blaming people of things and then responding in the same way you’re blaming them of doing. There’s no point in ■■■■ slinging. Offense is taken, not given. Read through the lines.

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