Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

Yes, it’s too bad they never were really active on the forums for whatever reason. They could’ve provided a lot of great insight. They’ve seen me in TS, but they never reached out to me about it. Ahh well … there is still time to provide some great feedback.

Hey Kadeshi, don’t be rude. We’re a small community and of a higher caliber than most. It is easy to be misconstrued over print/ type on the internet. Cloaked talked to him in TS and he brought up some very important issues.


Are the unit caps now hard-limited to 250 per class? I think they could go up to 9999 before…

Well I didn’t know you were part of Gearbox :P, and I imagine neither did they. This is all new and sudden after a year of SoonTM and like I said any of these guys would have been happy to spend hours testing and giving feedback, but you shouldn’t really blame them for not being on the same medium nor being as “involved” as you say. But like you said we can only try and provide feedback and tests to improve it as much as we can now!

Rusty, most all of the balance issues you mentioned have already been brought up this week. This weekend i spent many hours testing and verifying many of them. I also tested scripting changes(i can mod) to resolve these issues, and suggested them to gearbox to impliment. Ill start a new balance issues thread reference.

Feedback is very helpfull, as everyone is basically testing a new game. As far as i know, its not like 2.1 is the last patch ever and balance is totally screwed. But everyones input is needed to make sure the next patch is good.


Bring them in, this is an open effort, not a private club …

Here’s the new balance issues thread:

Spread the word.


Are you kidding ? Of course language and manner of speaking affect how a person is perceived and his/her credibility, that is about the most basic rule of communication there is. Just imagine talking to 2 people about your product and one of them talks to you in a calm and respectful manner while listing some issues he has with the product and what bothers him/her and the other person screaming at you at the top of his/her lungs and yelling insults at you and insinuating that you have no idea about your own product and should listen to him because he knows better. I think it is not hard to see which customer you will take seriously and which one gets ignored regardless of any arguments he might have had in his yelling session.

Of course one has to listen to unsatisfied customers to improve one’s product, but that doesn’t mean the customer should behave like a 3 year old who didn’t get his favorite toy and now throws a tamper tantrum in response … you can be unsatisfied with a product without getting offensive and demeaning because otherwise you don’t deserve to be listened to in the first place because you couldn’t be bothered to stay civil and respectful.

How is BitVenom’s response arrogant when he simply ignored someone rude on the forums ? If someone behaves like a dick towards you, chances are good you won’t listen to him anymore and don’t hold him in high regards, nothing arrogant about it in my book. The way you treat others is usually how they will treat you in response, maybe if he hadn’t written they way he did, people like BitVenom and others would have taken his criticism more seriously, as it is it just sounds like your typical angry customer rant that gets ignored and that is his own fault and no one elses …



It is as though you spend energy and time going out of your way to illicit a response from people. Probably best to create another thread if you must and help this one stay on topic.



Not really :confused: I simply don’t agree with some people’s point of view, it’s not like I’m the one trying to derail this thread, but I guess I’ll just shut up then …

Aaanyway, back on topic cough

I’m getting a much better feel for the way the HW1 units are balanced now. While defenders seem a bit over nerfed that’s primarily aimed towards the singleplayer.

For fighters and bombers I just want to again say how amazingly well the formation system has been implemented. I commented on the reddit forums that it feels like the formation system as it is now works better the more units you put into them. With huge numbers of HW1 units they’re particularly impressive. The way they split into multiple groups, once you understand what the limits per ‘group’ is, is suuuuper useful and makes the similar formations each have a purpose.

For example I remember back in HW1c days feeling that what was the point of X formation if you had claw? Now each of those has a distinct role, since the claw is limited to 10 unit squads and X is up to 15 units. The fact that it even impacts strikegroups, makeing seperate groups around each BC is both visually impressive as well as functionally usefull in moving around a max sized fleet and making sure ships are where they’re supposed to be. So far the fact that it (seems) to intelligently spread out units between groups (seems theres always one defense field frig per Wall group for example) makes combined arms fleets mighty impressive. Take 3 BCs, 6 DDs and an equal mix of flack and Ion frigs in a capital phalanx makes for one hell of a tough nut to crack.

The more I experiment and really leverage the formation system the more impressed I am.

Seriously, time well spent.

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His justification for dissatisfaction is related to how he views himself: privileged, worthy of attention (narcissism) and stratified with “skill” or status. His tone was, above all, condescending and against any restructuring of the “meta;” he also went out of his way to put down people who were not of his status for influencing the game’s direction “negatively” (quotations for subjectivity).

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I did some tests with them, they are still good, just not super good anymore, a few points need to be addressed about them.

  • they are the best at fighter vs fighter, they will win against pretty much any other fighter in the same number, even cloaked fighters (super interceptors) will lose against them.
  • they are the quickest to build auxiliary fighter, compared with cloaked and defense fighters.
  • you should not build them alone, they need to be built along with other fighters, interceptors are a good choice, total numbers of fighters matters and now you can’t mass them anymore.
  • they work better at small numbers, no formation, or formations of 2 to 5 (5s have the best result), in big formations they will over shot targets because of the slow bullet travel, wasting firepower.
  • corvettes now counter them, so run away from corvettes, or kill them before them reach your defenders.
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Yup, that sounds about right. Those points make them well balanced for MP but somewhat less useful for SP. I’ve found having more fighters/bombers to be more useful in the SP than having defenders.

Side note, I’ve been pretty impressed with a mix of multi and heavy corvettes in X formations. Unless they run into a dedicated anti corvette fleet they’re usually the most durable of any of my ships.

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Loving the patch, but found one localization issue. Playing in spanish, the title of the fifth mission in HW1R says “Spanish version goes here” and even the autosave of that mission says the same.


That’s kinda funny tbh.
I wonder how it went unnoticed for so long

This has happened to me in MP as well. In addition, it seems like ship sounds (weaponry, explosions, etc) also cease sometimes.

I have been having an issue where, after any match ends, the menu music will stop permanently, and about half the time my cursor will also disappear. Has anyone else encountered this?

Hey @BitVenom,

Only had free time for a match or two so far but had a great time! I only encountered two issues:

  • I too encountered an issue with Taiidani cpus parking a ton of attack bombers at their mothership.

  • I had an unusual issue come up - playing as hiigaran, I had fighters and corvettes docking with a battlecruiser. I had to hyperspace the battlecruiser to another location to deal with a threat. I think I had two groups partially docked when I did this. As a result, the two groups were “stuck” at the location of the BC before it hyperspaced. I could issue a command (move, attack, etc) and they would go to the location to carry out that order, but would immediately return to the spot of the BC before hyperspacing. I could also see they were each down a squadron member or two, and the BC had two slots taken up for the rest of the game.

Other than those two, I had a blast! Thanks for all your hard work!

That’s not the longest standing localization issue :slight_smile:

I haven’t had the time to play the new patch yet (super busy with work…), but at least up to the moment before the big patch, there was a “historical” localization mistake that dates back to 2002, that wasn’t corrected when remastered came out and that found its way in DOK as well.
In italian, the strings for “battlecruiser” and “cruiser hull” are swapped. So you research “incrociatore da battaglia” (battlecruiser) and then you build “scafo incrociatore” (cruiser hull). Even in DOK you build “scafo incrociatore”.

I signaled this a long time ago. Not a serious bug, but it’s almost hilarious how long it survived :slight_smile:

There was also an italian label missing from the main menu in remastered, Also, more serious, a problem with the autosave file names being too long (if I’m not mistaken) for one of the very first missions of HW1R in italian.

But, again, I haven’t had the time to recheck whether all of this still applies after the 2.0 patch.

I finally completed the HW1R campaign using v2.1 last night. In general, I had a pretty good time with it and did not think the campaign’s scaling was overly difficult. While there are definitely a few more things to work on, I think the overall changes in 2.0/2.1 are really great for the HW1R campaign.

In short:

  • Frigate/Capital ship Claw formations gave me quick, agile groups to handle fluid combat situations.
  • The Claw formation strike craft groups are too large for me, so I set them in groups of 3.
  • The new ballistics model is pretty awesome.
  • Large ships can finally hit anything which isn’t moving, so Gravwell Generators are useful now.
  • Harvesting eventually becomes unnecessary.
  • I encountered a few problems which I’ve made separate threads about, and some of them have already been solved since I posted the reports.

The Longer version:

Although I found the formations for strike craft to be too large to be useful and set them up in groups of 3 instead of the larger defaults, the formations for frigates and capital ships generally were pretty good for organization, but I don’t know how much they actually used the formation once combat started. The strike craft on the Claw ends just missed too often if I left the formations at the default size, but when putting the craft in groups of three, they shredded enemy ships. Also, by being in smaller groups, they were more agile and spent more time firing and less time turning around. Watching a fleet of ~20 interceptors eviscerate a squadron of ~10 bombers in threeish seconds was very satisfying. However, the default Claw formation for combined frigate/capital ship command groups often put two or more capital ships into one formation group while forming other formation groups with no capital ships at all. I figured the capital ships would be better spread around among the various small formation groups. That didn’t seem to matter much though as combat went pretty smoothly once I got used to the new mechanics.

The new ballistics model is pretty awesome. I had to adjust to the new reality that enemy frigates and capital ships can actually kill Salvage Corvettes now, and that was pretty cool, but even better was that my frigates and capital ships can actually hit motionless strike craft, so using the Gravwell Generator works really well. Pre-2.0, I never used that, because my big ships were useless at hitting motionless little ships. This made the last few missions a lot easier for me than in pre-2.0.

However, I found that I never needed to harvest after mission 5, because I had tens of thousands of RU in the bank, and the game auto-collected the resources after every mission, so that was a bit disappointing.

I encountered a few gameplay and graphics bugs, but I won’t list them here, because I already wrote reports on them elsewhere. At least two of them have been solved already.