Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

I haven’t played a lot of the patch yet as I’ve been caught up in a personal project of mine but I’m running into an issue I’ve had since forever with the remastered and wondered if others had it too.

My mouse cursor has a very irritating amout of input lag. If I deactivate vsync (or adaptive), the cursor reacts with close to no lag. But then I get tearing. I tried -hardwarecursor to no avail.

Would anyone have a workaround for this? Is this something I’m alone in experiencing?

I think the patch notes or something said that large formations of strike craft won’t be effective, usually.

It was the same in HW1, that it was best to have small groups in formation.

I saw a bug with (Vagyr I think) Gun Platforms where it’s wildly swinging its arms around and twisting about like it’s doing the Macarena, but never actually shooting at the Taiidan scouts attacking it. So scouts basically counter them since they never get shot.


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This thread is kind of obsolete now because of 2.1.

Damn, I don’t envy those that have to sift through all of this. It is one of the reasons I make an effort to be concise.

I wouldn’t worry too much on the dev’s account; if they choose to sift through all of this, they’re getting paid a very good wage to do so.

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Loving the new patch so far. Just one issue. Is it intended for ships in formation to break formation and engage solo even when they are in neutral stance? I thought they were only supposed to do this when in evasive stance.

Also, any chance we may get the Classic HW2 battlecruiser ion cannon sounds and also dreadnaught and sajuuk beam cannons? The old sounds were just perfect. I believe it would only improve the game experience if they were brought back. Check the HW2 classic bc ion cannon and dreadnaught sounds to understand what i’m referring to.


Aggressive = stay together by ‘type’.
Neutral = stay together by squadron.
Evasive = split up (or use sub-squadrons).


Now that you mention it, I’ve noticed many fighters fighting apart from the squad in swarm battles, but I never set units to evasive.

Could those be the fighter squads that I neglected to put in formation? Is that why they may still be flying off in singles? Do I have to set them to a formation other than the delta they come out as?

It really depends on ship type - maybe get me a shot?

Yeah, I’ll keep more of a look out and let others to do the same.

Here was a squadron in X formation, neutral, defensive. Does this look right to you? I can’t tell. It looks like they sot of breaking off from each other. @BitVenom

Edit: I’ll have to stop posting in this thread.


That’s not neutral… ?

Hover over that blue +… that is evasive.

We kept the same layout as the tactics above:

  • aggressive (red ring) / offensive (red plus)
  • defensive (blue ring) / evasive (blue plus)
  • passive (yellow ring/down) / neutral (yellow down)

Oh my mistake, my brain always seems to register the blue icon as neutral and yellow as evasive even though I know otherwise. :robot:

Psychologically, for me anyway, passive (yellow ring/down) / evasive (yellow down) fit well together. I don’t know why.

Yeah, it got me for a bit too. I expected it to run down like a scale with aggressive top and passive bottom.

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Really? Wow I have been playing it wrong the whole time too :confused:

Suggestion: put 3 on each side of that “info board”, vertically.
And we have to seek for better tags in the future (evasive =~ defensive and agressive =~offensive).

Yeah, evasive being in the middle and represented with a “+” messed with my brain a lot too and I constantly feel the need to check what stance I’m on, not the most intuitive solution.


Same here, Evasive should be at the bottom, Passive in the middle and Aggressive at the top, for both tactics and stances. The current display is counter intuitive and confusing to people. :confused:


In the campaigns, I never felt the need to change the offensive, evasive, neutral position, so where the buttons were meant nothing to me.

However, I’ve used the aggressive, defensive, and passive buttons frequently without issue.