Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

(BitVenom) #329

It is, also, the order of the default F-keys. And buttons visually in one order, and keyboard-wise in another is baaaad. The HW2 tactics buttons were in that order, so we echoed that. I agree with many here, and personally prefer the other order - but I wasn’t the only person making that decision :wink:

(Goose3) #330

It is because Gearbox set the wrong key binds for the stances… For generations Homeworld used to run with F2 evasive F3 neutral F4 aggressive for some reason neutral and evasive were swapped key wise. Most of you including myself hit the key binds we were adjusted to for years. I suggest manually changing the key bind between the two stances. :slight_smile:

As for the actual icons yep I suppose it would make sense if it goes from aggressive (top) to neutral (middle) evasive (bottom) but it really isn’t a big deal.

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(Super Sajuuk) #331

The only problem is that you can’t automatically make Aggressive tactics set an Aggressive stance, which means the player has to click two buttons, instead of just pressing one hotkey and have both happen at once, which would be a nice feature to have.

Of course, a player could still manually set any stance they want (ie, a player could want aggressive tactics, but a neutral stance), but by automatically having the right stance set based on the tactics, it would alleviate some of the confusion imo.

(Migz-DH) #332

So, then you’d really want 9 preset keys instead of 6?

  • offensive, evasive, neutral
  • aggressive, defensive, passive
  • aggressive/offensive, defensive/evasive, passive/neutral

Because not everyone would want Offensive tactics and Aggressive stance (or the other two) linked together all of the time.

(omniconsumer) #333

It’s amazing how something so simple can just become unnecessarily complicated.

F2 - Evasive
F3 - Neutral
F4 - Aggressive

F5 - Offensive
F6 - Defensive (this should be the blue + icon)
F7 - Passive (this should be the yellow downward pointing icon)

The icons on screen should reflect these key bindings displayed vertically.

The above function keys should be the default key bindings, yet they have to be manually changed to be more homeworld intuitive. The way it is now is just a little weird and unnecessarily confusing.

So in short, if you just made those key bindings default and switched around those two icons, then we have clarity and are left with sound mind.

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(Wearwolf) #334

Personally I would go



Aggressive and Offensive line up as an attack stance.
Neutral and Defensive line up as a default stance.
Evasive and Passive sort of line up as a retreat stance

(omniconsumer) #336

Yeah, that’s fine. But the default was always what I mentioned earlier.

(Terran50) #337

To be short. If it’s possible, let us play both versions, before and after 2.0 patch. I can’t play this game now, and i don’t care about formations either. I just want it to be able to play, and with mods too. So many issues still…

(Yiryi-Sa) #338

What sort of issues are you having? There’s little point to revert back to older patch versions. You aren’t forced to use formations, but they are there.

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(Force User) #339

I believe due to the absolutely huge delta between the current 2.x and the old 1.x versions, it is effectively impossible to support both. Nearly every single file was changed and in many cases merged into bigger archives (if I understand it correctly). If talking about mods there’s an even bigger change there so you’d be asking for modders to have to keep two (at least) version of their mods up to date as well and in many cases the 2.x patch brought a whole heap of extra mod functionality.

Basically no, it’s not practically possible.

(Chimas) #340

Could it be done something like

F2, F3 and F4 for one set of options and
Ctrl+F2, Ctrl+F3 and Ctrl+F4 for the other set ?

Or maybe, a new UI element, using Ctrl+ARROWS and you check your choice visually and you put the icons in a cross formation on screen.

(omniconsumer) #341

You can set those keys for yourself in key bindings.

THE POINT IS that if it is set the way that I have suggested, at least the reversal of the blue+ and yellow downward arrow, then this wouldn’t even be noticed and would be a moot because you could just change the default keys.

It’s the combination of current F5 & F7 default keys coupled with the current weird blue and yellow icons representations that throws it off for players psychologically.

A simple change for a simple fix and everyone is happy.

I’m out.

(RedDevil) #342

(Siuan) #343

So… How would one go about increasing the draw distance? On larger maps it’s incredibly frustrating having crazy pop-ins.

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(Comtedeloach2) #344

Ships, especially strike craft, cost double what they did in RUS in HW Classic.

(EwokSithLord) #345

RUs are scaled differently. HW1 and HW2 are combined in multiplayer, so different RU counts are needed to keep things consistent.

(Lehnerc88) #346

I didn’t elect to read thru all the posts, so forgive me if this has already been mentioned. I’ve so far enjoyed the v2 patch, untill…I started a Player vs CPU game. I’ve noticed the Vagyr ships now have quite a bit less firepower then the Hiigarans (but more armor, presumably to balance this). I’ve always prefered to use the speed and power of the Vagyr to do strike craft “raids”, so its kind of put a damper on PvCPU mode for me. The disparity is HUGE, I’m sure others have noticed. And oh…before I send this, yes I’m new :).

(El Rizzo) #347

First of all, version 2.0 is not up to date anymore, so I recommend using the 2.1 Balance Issues thread to report any problems regarding balance/feature issues and I also recommend you check out the preview version, which contains a lot of balancing tweaks over 2.1 and might be more to your liking :slight_smile:

(Lehnerc88) #348

Thanks for the info. It was my understanding that v2.1 (that I’m using), was more small tweaks and not much to do with balancing. Thanks for pointing me to the correct thread. This what happens when someone picks a topic after a quick perusal :slight_smile:

(El Rizzo) #349

Glad I could be of help :slight_smile: and yes, 2.1 was mostly fixes for 2.0 but there is also a preview version (which I also linked) that makes changes to 2.1 and which I would recommend you use, as it is more balanced than 2.1 (based on feedback that I’ve read, haven’t been able to play it myself due to real life obligations ^^).