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Charming, really. Now where can i request a refund? 10 years of strategy development just went out of the window. I did not pay you to “rebalance” the game, i paid for fancy graphics and fancy graphics alone. This is no longer the same game i bought, i want my money back.

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Steam offers a 2 week refund policy if you played less than 2 hours and I don’t know if GOG offers any refunds (I think so though), you have to look that up yourself. Aside from that, it is your own fault for buying a game without reading up on it first, the information was there all along for anyone to read and make an informed decision, if you blindly bought the game and are now not happy with what you are offered it is your own fault and no one else’s.


I pre-purchased this game in january 2015 and was quite happy with it until now. Please point me to a source dating back to january 15th, 2015 telling that everything will be changed at some point in the future.

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It was known from the beginning that the game had a 4 race multiplayer that combined both games, which quite obviously would require a lot of rebalancing to work properly, based on that fact alone it was very obvious that the two games had to be rebalanced in order to work together. Besides, the lack of proper working HW1 formations was one, if not THE, most criticized missing feature from the remastered edition and its implementation would naturally require further adjustments to balance, which most players seem to be very happy with and which still is a work in progress btw. much like any multiplayer game is prone to balance changes.

I preordered the game as well and I was well aware of these facts when I made the decision to preorder it :wink:


Obvious eh? So in other words you have no source. I never actually played the original homeworld game, only hw2 so i really dont care about missing formations. Frankly i also dont give a flying f**k when it comes to your or anyone elses opinion on what the game is or what it should be like.

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[quote=“CaptainSoban, post:354, topic:1501936”]
Obvious eh? So in other words you have no source.[/quote]

Why should I bother digging up sources when you obviously failed to do so BEFORE buying the game and are now not happy with the product ? Like I said, I preordered the game as well and I was well aware of these facts and only AFTER I read some information about it I made the decision to actually buy it, which you apparently did not.

But since you don’t give a f**k about others opinions it is quite frankly hilarious of you to think that anyone cares what YOU think about the game in turn. This will be my last response to you since you obviously don’t care and only want to rant and blow of steam, so go ahead but don’t expect anyone to care, so long.

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I still hate the part of gameplay where HW1 feels like HW2. Sorry Dev’s i’m a real purisist.
But that’s not my reason for writing here as many people have complained about it and questions along the lines of HW1 original MP seem pointless (and i found a bug in that that makes my playing on it quite annoying, i must be minority) So, pardon me a bit but, what the ■■■■ you people did when Remastered version FPS went from 20 to 50? After the patch. Good job on that.

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hello everyone

I bought the game yesterday only after careful reading of the patchnotes from v2. Didnt want to touch hwrm the way it was before. but finally i’ve gone through with it

Very satisfied with the patch and the new meta

Being a hw1 veteran which i frist played when i was 6 yrs old and which basically built my taste for RTS from scratch, after thousands of hours of gaming through the tough iron curtain and the wonderful fields of plaz (still dont know what on earth plaz stands for btw) i came here to enjoy something new, while still somewhat the same…you know what i mean. And that’s exactly it, a HW1 atmosphere with slight tweaks to the meta offering in my opinion quite more strategic challenge while retaining the general ideas and balance from the original game. Combats are tactical again and no longer the dreadnought-dominated mascarade from hw2. and even though units are weaker they are all equally weaker so no big deal. The only weakness imo, is the HW2-ish interface…too complex. but i’ll get used to it…oh, and the whole steam thing -_-

I wouldnt have liked a 100% copy from the original 1999 game, since then i might as well keep playing the modded hw1 since it still runs perfectly fine

all in all, much like the hw3 i never had. good work from the devs who nicely kept relic’s spirit alive in the game

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Why are there still old bugs present, like mission 7 not giving fast tracking turrets technology and captured ships not retireable within the same mission?
I heard about the big patch, decided to give it another go and the same old bugs are still present. Come on, guys! :frowning:

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Is it recommended to put in the “ilovehomeworld” code and download the public preview beta? Can someone direct me to that updated guide that was made for the big 2.0 patch? Thank you. I’m planning on doing a long campaign playthrough.

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Yes, you should definitely use the patch preview version, it is the most up to date version of the game you can get (and most likely the last).

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