Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

(Innociv) #128

Some feedback:
Setting evasive seems like it should change the speed indicator by the ships, but it doesn’t.
The formation selection thing is sort of annoying. Like how it just shows group formation icons, but not any ship information.

And I’m not sure aggressive/defensive should actually exist on anything other than strikecraft.

I love how certain formations can be a huge liability, like using a wall formation of pulsars was eating right through lots of ships until I ran into a missile destroyer which made them die so fast from the close proximity getting them splashed.
It’s so fun to put spheres of Hiig Gunships around stuff to protect them now that they’re actually strong, and now that bombers are actually good and useful if you aren’t properly protecting your cap ships like that.

Just played vs AI so far, but it’s largely what I wished for and actually fun and not disappointing anymore now.
It also makes mixing things more useful. Instead of using up your Frigate ship cap for flak, yay you can use gunship gaurding spheres.

Yeah it’s not exactly like HW1 things, but HW1 had many broken/exploity elements and HW2 did improve on some things. It’s like the best of both games. It’s nice.
Like the above said, it surpassed what I hoped it’d be. I can actually recommend the game to friends now.

(aka LightBRz) #129

You can change that in options, it will show ships only and not formations

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(Innociv) #130


I guess I wanted to see both, though.

Oh, got to say I also love how if I put a bunch of ships in a formation, then box selection some of them, and click the formation again, it reorders the others in a new group of the remainder of the last formation.

So easy to put 20 ships into 5-ships-per-claw when I just have to select them all, claw, select half, claw again, then select half of each half and claw again.

(Super Sajuuk) #131

I believe the list I tallied up were a mixture of lines that were displayed as a text wall (thereby ruining immersion) or weren’t present at all. I never seemed to have an issue with mission completion lines not playing, even in the patch.

(Cloaked) #132

Just had this happen, and pressing Ctrl+F11 fixed it!


Gearbox, great work with this patch. I’ve only played multiplayer vs AI. And I’m quite impressed. There is so much to control in battle that it is a bit overwhelming for me, but I love it. The formation system is fun to just watch, I love the rotating engine trails. It is so much more balanced than before. Thank you for putting in the time and effort into this.

One funny bug I’ve seen is that when Kushan Repair Corvettes are repairing, they are also firing their guns into their repair targets. I played around with this with them repairing different ships and found the same result. Seems like that was not intentional. But, they also work much better with the new patch, so I’m happy. It was just odd trying to find out where this gun sound was coming from.

Edit: The only time I’ve seen a crash was when I had used the Steam overlay (Shift+Tab) and then gone back into the game. That was an Access Violation error I believe.

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(A Future Pilot) #134

One other minor thing:

My resource controller flew through the side of the scaffolding wreck in HW1RM Mission 3.

(HWRM Resurgence) #135

So far i am impressed. Patch has been working fine for me without any crashes yet.

There are couple things which could use tweaking like corvettes not moving as much. Plus some other things which had been mentioned here before.

But other than that great job!

(Wearwolf) #136

I’m at work so I can’t check but I believe you can edit the colour scheme through the profiles screen.

(Ryld76) #137

Will there be the ability to save replays? With free cam?

(Concordion2k) #138

I know it’s on @BitVenom’s radar - not sure if it will ever be released though.

(Yelow13) #139

I was confused when I got the Vaygr badge there while I was playing as Hiigarans.

a little confusing at first, but nice touch!

(Dragonlost) #140

anyone getting low framerates when launching the updated game? im playing on a UHD display and when I first launch the game im getting ~25 frames a second, so I exit to the main menu(resolution settings cant be changed in game why?) change the settings down to 1440p and play, framerate is much higher, i exit back to menu again and change back to native UHD resolutuion 3840x2160 and the framerate is a much more respectable 110fps.
not sure if its related to the update, havent played in a long time.

(Xercodo) #141

It might have been using integrated graphics initially instead of the discrete graphics card

(Kenny The Klever) #142

This is actually very likely. The last few NVIDIA driver releases have the control panel auto-selecting the integrated graphics card rather than the actual NVIDIA card for a lot of my programs. Homeworld Remastered was one of the .exe files for me that I had to manually set to use the discrete gpu.

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(omniconsumer) #143

Thanks for this super important information!

wtf nvidia.

(El Rizzo) #144

It is most likely done to preserve power and the driver simply failed to correctly determine the performance requirements of the game and thus didn’t switch. You can easily prevent this by simply disabling your integrated gpu in your Bios/Uefi.

(letsrock) #145

I’ve been playing with the new patch and in general it’s awesome! Thanks Gearbox!
Things look great and so far gameplay seems very good and balanced.

Now that multiplayer is live (out of beta), hope the game get some nice PR coverage and get more people to come (or come back). The current Steam sale and PC Gamer coverage etc are nice btw.

A nice-to-have feature request, I wonder if we could have a thicker ion beam on the ion cannon frigate or destroyer like in HW1 original :slight_smile: The current beam looks a bit too thin and weak IMHO. This is kind of low priority request though.

(El Rizzo) #146

Pretty sure that could be easily modded and is also a very personal and subjective thing, I suggest asking some of the modders lurking around here, they could probably tell you an easy and fast way to make the beams a bit thicker :wink:

(NinjaDuckBob) #147

Love the changes for the most part! Balistics, formations, tactics, feels like Homeworld again. :smile:

A few things I noticed:

  • Not sure if a bug or intended, but evasive fighters sometimes do not break formation in combat. Not sure if they’re supposed to or not. But since the break formation command exists it’s no biggie.

  • If I recall correctly, there was something mentioned somewhere about dual monitor support. Is this using both for the game or just better ability to use another monitor for other things while the game is running?

  • The damage of Attack Bombers seems a bit underpowered at first impression to me, but I could be wrong.