Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

(BitVenom) #148

Evasive fighters may pair up - they aren’t always a single unit. This is actually in holding with how HW1 worked too.

Bombers are deadly - not underpowered :slight_smile:

(NinjaDuckBob) #149

Yeah, I’m more talking about not just pairs, but entire formations still acting like they’re in the previous tactic.

I haven’t tried the HW2 Bombers yet, but I probably just need to get better at proper Attack Bomber usage. I’m somewhat rusty.

(letsrock) #150

A mod would make it incompatible with multiplayer, wouldn’t it? And I only play multiplayer. And yes this is subjective and low-priority.

(A Future Pilot) #151

Something else I noticed:

In HW2RM Mission 2, the crew transports move WAY too slowly…I had already destroyed all of the enemy ships and had to wait about 10 or 20 minutes for the bishop ships to make it to the mothership. Also, two of them made it there at about the same time, and they kinda “danced” around for a couple minutes before one of them was finally able to dock.

(Civilprotection1) #152

I think the mission is way easier now. Ill have to double check, but I think at the start of mission two you are granted one addition bomber squadron and two fighter squadrons. killing the carrier is way easy and there’s no challenge without the reinforcements it provides.

(Morgan Thornton) #153

And I swear the mission in the first game where you return and find the planet burning was made harder. I used to try and save as many cryotrays as possible, but this last attempt went absolutely terrible for me. Haha

It’s great to see the patch finally out and this has given me a wonderful reason to play through both games again.

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It depends on the fleet you go in with. You can use the dynamic difficulty scaling to your advantage by going into that mission with few combat ships but a lot of salvage corvettes, then it will only spawn two frigates; immediately capture them, and all 6 trays will be intact, and you can salvage them at your leisure :slight_smile:

(Innociv) #155

An issue I sort of have with evasive is how random their fleeing is and (I don’t think) they don’t try to flee toward and ally and I don’t think they really try to cover allies.

So instead what tends to happen is that a bunch of evasive fights spreads out to be entire size of the Shield map before actually dying.

It’s better than how it is before, and an interesting new mechanic that can be used to stall out fights an make them last longer for strategic reasons, but it could be better.

(BitVenom) #156

The point patch is chock full of stuff - edits to log warnings… aren’t a great use of anyone’s time. So maybe, just maybe somebody will poke at those - but don’t hold your breath!

(BitVenom) #157

“It could be better” describes how this patch went from some key fixes and ideas to well over 9 months of development time…

“It could be better” is why for months I’ve looked like a homeless Santa Claus with a terrible case of rickets…

Honestly, I agree with you entirely - and how they’re evasive (the mechanism) isn’t super smart. BUT - this game is often about micro, and here’s a great example for some from a player that wants the benefits but to still have some tight control…

(ajlsunrise) #158


I’ll agree with you on the typos.

However in my opinion, the attempts to load archives (that no longer exist!) should be removed from the startup procedure(s). It just makes it just slightly faster, unless those archives are planning on being used again. :wink:

(Granted, I’m probably “over-optimizing” here.)

(BitVenom) #159

Eh - no - those archives could come back - we merged the updates in once they were almost as much as the base game (slightly larger new patch DL, but much smaller install size). Smaller patches will likely revert to use Updates…

Failing to load an archive is also VERY fast.

(ajlsunrise) #160

That’s good to know. I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Szaman1701) #161

I only played two missions so far after releasing HW:R 2.0 , but even then I want share a few thoughts of my own.

First of all second collector, why? I dont think its required at the start of the game to have two. I understand, mission 4 - yes, there it would be more usefull, but I believe player can build his own during three first missions.

Second, Im happy that formations are now working, more or less at least, the one thing that concerns me is that when you make joined formatin with corvettes thouse are positioned, how to put it - on the far side of the formation instead of its centre, especially its visible in shpere formation. This doesent make much sense to me, becasue whole formation must adjust its speed to the slowest vessel in it, and placeing said vessel one the edge of formation makes it more voulnerable.

Third thing is just a minor detail but still I feel it should be taken care off, I mean salvage beam animation, compared to original, there is none, and I don’t think so it would be so hard to implement that.

The last problem I have withe 2.0 is corvettes flying patterns, well, situarion is better that it was in HWR. 1.0, corvettes are more usefull now, but not by large margin. I meant that corvettes should move like bigger, heavier fighters, now they behve like I donk know, mobile turrets I guess. It may be fine for few first mission, but after player go to kadeshi missions, they propably will be decimated by that small fighter crafts. In oryginal HW corvettes was main line of devense in thouse missions. Please fix corvette flying patterns.

I think that would be all for now I guess, oh one more thing. Balistics now are damn cool. I just love it ^_^.


I have to agree concerning the way corvettes behave: they should behave like strike craft, moving around the combat area while engaging the enemy (ideally, circle-strafing). Currently they behave like frigates, totally immobile once in combat. This makes them much more vulnerable than they should be.

(Innociv) #163

Well it’s still better than what I expected and roughly what I hoped for.

Just pointing out how evasive could work better is just an i-wish thing and not really a huge deal. It’s still a useful mechanic how it is now.

(BitVenom) #164

Absolutely. Over the past few months in particular, as things really started to gel - and we became more confident about the underpinnings (mostly due to having rewritten the lion’s share) - we’ve had CRAZY ideas like that… Making AI/Weapons/Ships/Movement way, way smarter. There’s virtually no chance it will be attempted for HW:RM though. But hey, that sort of stuff sticks around and ends up in future work, so you never know!

(Risbosix) #165

Game took a whole new dimension of strategy, need to learn how does the formation stuff work

But so far so good :smiley:

(Morgan Thornton) #166

You guys better be working on another Homeworld game in space then. :wink:

(Snake_B5) #167

Could you please stop teasing us like that, god dammit ! :joy: