Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

What? Why? We did HW:RM - which was Space. BBI did HW:DoK - which was a dry desert. Up next? HW:WoT - an undersea adventure with the technologically advanced and reality TV obsessed descendants of Cthulhu & The Little Mermaid’s forbidden love children. Space is so 2015…


I’m sure that would fit into the Homeworld canon somehow.
Make it happen!

I would totally play that :joy: Comments like these are the reason why I love hanging around these forums :slight_smile:

Half Life 3 confirmed


Hello again, as addendum to my previous post, I wanted to add a few things after playing mission 3.

First Im glad that you fixed salvaging corvettes and you don’t have manually target ships to salvage, shame tho that method is still more efficient, becasue they only lock on on new target after previous group captured theirs. I find this highlly unacceptable, because in this short period of time salvagers are practically sitting ducks, waiting to be shot down, compared to oryginal game where salvagers split depending on amount salvaged vessel needs, I feel its still a let- -down for me. And plaing mission 3 also proved what I written before, heavy corvettes was useless, they were practically sitting ducks for taidan frigates. Plz fix this, I come to conclusion that they are even more useless than bevore patch 2.0.

Few possible observations of bugs and discrepancies:

  • 1st Mission Hw1 campaign: Mission objectives of building a research unit + the specific research are scrapped. Audio lines for these events are not available. Same goes to the successful salvage of the target drone. There used to be voice lines referring to it. Might be possible that this was scrapped on purpose to shorten the tutorial sequence.

Suggestion: Either fix it to bring it back to original standards or add a little text note that people shall press “O” after the successful salvage operation of the target drone. New comers might wonder why things aren’t progressing otherwise.

  • Noticed that harvesters can still get stuck in the 1st hw1 campaign mission. I had to manually adjust their course.

Suggestion: Place the Asteroids a little further away from each other in any potential upcoming patch.

I’ve played that mission probably around 10 times, and I’ve never encountered an issue with the harvesters getting stuck.

I have two reactions to the patch, one of which may be a bug.

My first reaction includes fighter flight behavior. Many fighters simply rotate laterally during fights, rather than do the default vertical u-turn and spin maneuver; it’s not aesthetically pleasing to me.

My second reaction is an observation about the performance of the game. Before the patch, HW:RM ran smooth. Really smooth, in fact. However, that changed with the patch. An example: if I’m panning the mouse in the Sensors Manager, the game will show a definitive break in smoothness. Although less noticeable, the break in smoothness is prevalent throughout the game. Ships will be flying along smooth and, then, suddenly the game stops for a split second.

I’ve attempted to correct the issue on my own. I tried to different BIOS versions; both don’t affect HW:RM. I allowed Steam to check the game’s file integrity and found no problems.

I use an AMD beta driver from February of this year; I don’t think OpenGL has been updated in later driver versions.

Anyone have any ideas or tips to correct this graphical/performance issue?

Why aren’t you running the current drivers ? That would be the first thing I would try to be honest. If you have an integrated gpu (most modern Intel CPUs have one) have you disabled it in your bios/uefi ? If not, do so. Have you set your Windows power options to high performance or at least balanced (try high perf. first, just for testing purposes). Have you installed the game on a ssd or hdd ? The short breaks might be related to the game loading new assets and hdds are much much slower at that than ssds so if you can and haven’t done so, move the game to a ssd and see if that helps.

Additionally, have you checked your gpu driver settings for correct values (things like AA, AF etc.) maybe you are forcing SSAA on the game and that eats up a lot of performance (don’t know your system specs so no clue if it could handle that or not).

Two reasons. First, I don’t have an impetus for updating the driver. Second, I’ve tried newer drivers, but they cause some issues. The current driver used is the best fit for my hardware.

Here’s an example: “Power efficiency toggle in Radeon™ Settings is showing up for some unsupported products.”

I’m currently running a dedicated GPU with an AMD FX 8320 processor (not overclocked). The game is on a 7200 RPM HDD and no other game has an issue with my HDD. Currently, my graphics driver profile for Homeworld: Remastered is enabled simply for 16x Anisotropic Filtering. It’s been turned on well before the patch without problems.

A response, of sort…

  • The game is, for the same task, actually 8-10% faster in 2.0.
  • Some things, like post-processing, are much faster than before.
  • Certainly the new flight dynamics and formation mechanics are WAY more expensive at scale.

So the discontinuous feeling can be a mix of faster and slower, etc… It is VERY hard to say, tbh.


I wasn’t saying HDDs cause issues ;), but a plain and simple fact is that ssds are far better/faster in every regard with the possible exception of durability (limited amount of write cicles for flash cells, but you would have to write more than ~40gbs a day, each day for it to actually be relevant for modern SSDs).

Fair enough, was just curious why ^^.

Okay, thats fine then, have you tried windows power options yet like I suggested ? I know it may sound silly but it can make a HUGE difference in some cases and is easy to try out.

That is why I personally use a frame limit in all my games, that way fps fluctuations are less severe and the feeling is smoother ^^.

My power settings are set to High Performance. Furthermore, my BIOS settings do not have any power consumption saving mode enabled. I do, however, have an AMD feature for targeting framerate; I’ll tinker with that feature.

I would start by asking that you attempt toggling various post-proc settings… There may be a specific one that is the source, which is both useful for you, and for us in terms of maybe fixing it :wink:

If you find that the issue persists even with no post-proc active (bloom, dof, motion blur, etc) - then attempt to run without audio:


If that helps (or doesn’t) could be a very useful data point!


At the moment Anti-Aliasing is turned off and always has been. I’ll gladly test other settings!

Hang on, the torpedo cruiser’s cluster missiles now seem to move only as fast as the main torpedo that they break away from…

What is the point of that? Now they can just about keep up with corvettes, and are no longer capable of taking out any fighters at all.

I welcome the other changes that were made to the projectiles, but this is a step back, imo. The Hiigaran cluster bombs were not really in need of a major re-balancing like this.

Other than that, my main other complaints are corvettes remaining stationary just a little too frequently in combat than is good for them (while larger frigates and capital ships aren’t stationary enough; doing far more random side strafing than before), and the fact that shift+selecting selects individual craft, rather than the squadron they’re in.

The what?

I think he is talking about torpedo frigates’ torpedos which can split up into groups of smaller missiles that chase fighters and corvettes faster.

[quote=“InfectedGrowth, post:186, topic:1501936, full:true”]
I think he is talking about torpedo frigates’ torpedos which can split up into groups of smaller missiles that chase fighters and corvettes faster.
[/quote]Yes I am, except they don’t chase anything faster than their parent torpedo anymore…

On the AI side of things, the HW1 AI has no idea what to do with their bombers. They build them, leave them in parade, and don’t deploy them. Also, AI ion frigates are rendering themselves useless against battlecruisers by insisting on targeting modules like the Vaygr BCs heavy missile launcher. This is a waste because ion beams do hardly any damage to modules.