Patch 2.1, Bearcat and Bone of the Ancient..Now best AR in the Game on Axton!

Trust me…

Try it…you’ll like it!

It’s really good for all characters now with the changes Shadow has made.

With Axton and all his grenade damage bonuses it’s really, REALLY good!!

And it’s just damn fun to boot!!

Have you tried it with the Rifleman COM, John? Looks amazing!

No…but that is a great idea.

It’s good with the Legendary Soldier
Better with the Legendary Grenadier
And GREAT with a Chaotic Neutral Ranger…(don’t even worry about burst fire and scoped…just hold down the trigger and watch a hose spray out)

For AR only, the Rifleman usually performs better than both Legendaries. I can only imagine how well the New Bearcat can do with it.

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Pre-community patch, the Bearcat was pretty good with a Rifleman COM (on-level corrosive one here against Buzzards: OP3 with 20% BAR on w/ corrosive Bone). It’s particularly good against Buzzards, since the shot pattern lends itself to hitting the bird with most if not all the rounds if you time it right. I also use this against BUL/ PWR Loaders and Constructors (any armored target really). I’ve omitted the buff(s) for this weapon from my own patch file, since the rifle is working for me here. At OP8, it probably needs that buff to waste anything.


Now that it has been buffed…AND the grenade damage bonus added…and ammo consumption brought to a reasonable level.

At OP8 it has gone from being unusable to…I think…the BEST AR in the game for Axton.

And it’s just so different and fun to use…

Hit 'em direct or lay minefields in front of moving targets…FUN!

And absolutely no need for burst fire or scoped.

Just hold the trigger down and spray!


OK…did some testing and…

It’s pretty close between the Legendary Grenadier and and a Purple Front Line Rifleman

Rifleman gets more gun damage but the Grenadier gets way more grenade damage…and…Battlefront and Sentry are active way longer.

If you are running pure AR (and especially AR’s that don’t get the Grenade Damage Bonus) then I’d probably go with a Purple Rifleman com.

But if you were mixing in other weapon types that DID get the grenade damage bonus…and grenades like Fastballs…then the new Legendary Grenadier is the clear choice.

And…Legendary Soldier is still good because of it’s passives and overall 30 extra skill points

But the Blue Chaotic Neutral Ranger may still be my favorite…a 22% boost to 7 different skills plus that FIRE RATE and MAG SIZE…

Turns EVERYTHING into a long firing hose…LOL Not the tankiest…purely offensive!