Patch 6/11 feedback polls

Started new Moze run after patch installed (ps4), by the droughts I had a moment of severe slow down and froze for several seconds, few other issues on pandora tho transition slowdown is still irritating. Had first crash after fighting gigamind, he dropped a legendary which never appeared in my lost loot. I still like the game but the optimisation is still woeful it’s one of the reasons I stop playing for ages before going back to it and the reason it took many months before beating game with every character. Still not beat both dlcs with more than one character.

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It seems too tough using the build I had previous on Mayhem 10. I didn’t get very far on start. I’ll try normal mode.

I saw a lot of jumping (platforming) in the reviews, I don’t particulary like that kind of gaming, only because I’m not that good at it.

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This game is in a very tragic state. I just don’t trust Gearbox anymore, every patch/hotfix is a lie. Everything written in the patch notes is just not true. Performance is still bad, game is still crashing, balance is nonexistent, M10 health reduction is unnoticeable. On top of that new takedown has some serious design flaws that just scream bad game design and it also has bugged scaling.


I perfectly agree with this statement, I’ve never been one to defend GB.

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And then there’s the HUD scaling that has rendered the game unplayable for many of us.

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Here is some testing done with a small batch of weapons:

What does more damage? 60k+ Nukem vs 31k Plague vs 28k YC



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Imho I also feel like i’m being pushed to run a Bloodletter deathless build which I haven’t done since November on my Moze or some gimmicky build,I have tried and tested 50/150 style builds on Zane Fl4k and personally didn’t like the feel,they talk about build deversity when most Moze players were using Bloodletter deathless,Minesweeper,or Sapper,I was just running a Blast master and a Pearl high dps build with good survivablity and feels like i’m starting over,With it this late in the life cycle of the game it should be more about Shooting and Looting and not some gimmick or shoot all your ammo and here is a blue and green,Where’s the Lootsplosions that made this series Great,Hell even the Pre sequel is a masterpiece,personally not one of my favorite’s to where we are now,With that being said,We had all these things going on in the world and still do,it would have been ok just to have a place just to escape to and have Fun! So balance with all player’s in mind and just Let Us Play

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Or the vaults full of chests to loot? Lol they tossed them out the window good fine sir.

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Glad it wasn’t just me that noticed that choice as a priority SMG to buff. :rofl:

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My thoughts on that: (just click darts-dart-board-arrows-target pic)

These videos are great. I kept saying that SMG’s were just terrible to buff when other gun types don’t live up to their type. It’s really disappointing they don’t understand how to balance guns in this game.


Lots of people like to say this forum is an echo-chamber, and the sample size is too small and niche to be considered representative of playerbase - which I think are valid concerns.

Well Joltz just did a poll which has now garnered 22000 responses - and 74% of the respondents think Mayhem 2.0 is bad. I think its suffice to say majority of the playerbase feela M2.0 is just a really poor idea with even worse implementation.


Link to said poll?

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It might actually take this long


Probably right, the moderators here are not to blame, it’s the developers of Gearbox that need a yelling at, lol!

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Mine too. I spent an hour and a half messing with DX11/DX12 and various options in hopes of finding a working combo… NOPE!

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Everyone still discussing the nerf’s of weapons simply don’t understand what GB is doing…

They release content and these new awesome weapons, that are by design this awesome. Then everyone comes back to see just how great these items are…

Player numbers go up, GB nerfs said items into the ground claiming they were never supposed to work that way. The community then debates quality control, pretesting, etc…

Cycle continues until you guessed it… new content with new OP items…

Rinse and repeat…

This is GB new way of doing things, not repeated mistakes…

Until the community realizes this and moves on, they will continue to push this because they truly have no idea how to fix the games basic design flaws.

Play on if you wish just shut up with the complaining, you know what it is.
You either accept it or not…


Since the game released on Steam, the concurrent player count has dropped steadily and no content release beyond DLC2 has caused an increase. If releasing OP content is part of a strategy to maintain the playerbase, it hasn’t worked.

It’s much more likely that devs are under pressure to pump out content at the cost of any QA, and the fixes themselves are part of a panicked response to do something after scheduled updates fail to stop the constant bleed of players. That’s why the buffs/nerfs are all over the place–they don’t have the time or manpower to do much more than tweak numbers, not when DLC3 right around the corner.

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Just wanted to say thanks for all who participated. Over 300+ votes and last post about 5 days ago. I think this poll is closed and finished.

Hopefully Phase 2+DLC+LvL Cap can change some of this perception for the better. Otherwise next poll will be my last.

Hey @Noelle_GBX poll closed.

Shortcut to results: