Patch broke matchmaking

Did the patch change anything in regards to matchmaking? Before the patch matchmaking was a little on the long side, generally 2-5 minutes to start a game. Today has been 15 minutes or more. Played for two and a half hours tonight, played 3 games…

on ps4 btw

Our match making on the PC sidewas fine. Que times were about normal, tighter spreads. No immediate drops once they see premades.

after a 20 minute wait the game starts 4v5. i dont get why the game even starts when one person doesnt even reach character select

game pop is currently about 1/6 of when it peaked at release, less than a month ago

the matchmaking system is breaking

a ton of the casuals in battleborn quit for overwatch, this took out the bottom of the matchmaking “bucket” and makes the game even less friendly to any new players. Prolly gonna snowball now like evolve did with a tiny core remaining. A tiny core that will break the matchmaking even further.

Gbox will continue with their DLC release schedule regardless. Or maybe they will patch the game to make more people play it.

Thanks for information and advise. Going through it with open eyes. It does make sense. But with borderlands 3 around the corner there will be no time to try and replace gear. Barely anyone even online in matchmaker

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