Patch Bug: Game Freezing while driving a car

That’s it. Just driving a runner, doing NO combat whatsover… the game has frozen on me twice this morning.

Anyone else having this issue?

Also, this has never happened before.

The first was solo mode, driving a Runner in the Dust and the second freeze happened in split screen in Two Horns Valley.


I had 4 freeze in coop mode online (2 players) in just about 2h of playing the game ! :frowning:
Last one I was just running to a Fast Travel Station… :rage:

We were used to see the game freezing but not so much and at least because of high activity…

There is something wrong with the last update…

Please @gearbox, could you investigate this ??

Hi there,
I have the same freezing problem since the last update.
It happens randomly and i can’t do anything but to reboot the ps3 plus the game didn’t save properly,i have to restart the whole level…
Gearbox,please do something.

I can confirm the latest problems after the update, i.e. random freezes during coop mode.

Dear Gearbox, I support the request for an investigation.

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