Patch didnt patch what it patched or.nerf what it nerfed? Lmao.. Vendors are here tho

Ppl are saying no changes… In zane or.moze

Andd removed anoints are still dropping.

Only change is drop.locations and vendors?
Haven’t tested Schorcher.

Edit: flak nerfs are official. Why? Bleh…

They’re aware of the anointments still dropping, I guess it’ll be fixed later.

Her and 2 other pets attack commands got nerfed by almost 50%


Flaks pet dmg was already weak to me whyd they.go that far.

Amaras still rediculous.

Sad to hear about Fl4k… I’m still running my gamma burst slag build in hopes they make pets useful in the future… Guess he will stay on the low mayhem fun shelf

The “removed” anoints were still dropping. They’ve since “fixed” that but now the number of legendary drops is far fewer. It seems to me that they “fixed” this by removing any item that rolls with one of the “removed” anoints instead of fixing it correctly and not allowing any weapon to roll those anoints in the first place.

Still trying to wrap my head around them buffing Ties That Bind.


Pets can kill riff raff on M10, but as @boombumr found the nerfs to Attack Commands really crippled any potential of a true pet build. Something needs done with Gamma Burst to help pet damage out more.

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The pets have always relatively sucked. For a brief moment they were passable, but nothing more. FL4K should have never received any nerfs, ever.

The ?Th patch that feels it got 0 playtest…

I’ve come to expect patches to not work…

It’s 2020 and I’m here, discovering that some people actually used Attack Command


Its actually worth using now at least for gunslinger jabber hits like a truck the other pets besides the jabbers have been meh so far.

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I haven’t seen a single one of the removed anointments drop so far, maybe make sure your hotfixes are loaded

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I read a hotfix was released again. But who knows

They fixed it in an updated hotfix.

I know, but that was back on Thursday that it was fixed