Patch doesn't do anything to fix atrocious performance

Now i did complete the game in DX11 on my 4790k@4.4 16GB DDR3 2400 and 1080 Ti…
And while it often stuttered especially during combat, i could play and although most of the time the influence on gameplay wasn’t major, it did influence and that is just wrong.
The game just stutters, no matter the graphics settings, no matter if you lock the framerate.
Now that i was hoping to replay the game in TVHM and mayhem 1 after the big “performance” patch, it seems nothing has happened and the frametimes are still all over the place especially in DX11.
I for now have changed to DX12, with the smoothed 22-62 fps setting.
This makes the game the game have only 4-5 stutters in a 2 minute fight, instead of the 15 you normally encounter.
I wonder why folk at Gearbox can’t fix this.
Are they incapable?
Are they not allowed to fix it?
Or is the DRM causing it and are the game dev team and DRM team completely separate?
Please inform when you are actually trying to FIX your game.