Patch drop rates?

I thought the patch increased the drop rates for legendarys, tonight while playing through uvhm with my siren I decided I’d like a Maggie to keep me going for a few levels but I’ve almost leveled up twice in just farming for the chuffing thing and now it’s sleep time so cba going any more, same for farming anything with my op8 mecromancer Inc the cobra, anyone else noticed a change or not in drop rates?

Generally, the increase is pretty easy to spot. I can get a drop from most bosses within 15 runs, which seems about right. Nevertheless, some items remain elusive - for me it’s the Cobra. That thing still won’t drop for me, but it seems to be dropping for others…

Yeh that would be ideal but it just isn’t the case for me on anything for some strange reason I love farming but not if it takes hours to get what I want that just sucks the fun out the game, Yeh I do the cobra a couple runs a day at least, did it good few hours the other day with one purple sniper dropped

The best I’ve had after about 10-12 hours running the Beatdown is… a green sniper…

They never did state (I don’t think) what the Cobra rate was put up to. If it was .88% before, it might be, what, 8.8% now? If so that’s still quite low and definitely lower than the standard drop rate of 10%. Especially as a sniper has to drop first before there’s even a chance of the Cobra.

I did notice a dramatic increase in tubby spawns and drop rates the first couple of days after the patch and then it seems to have gone back to seeming the same.

I wonder if they scaled ( thought the scaled ) the rates too high initially and have stepped them back in subsequent days to what seems like pre-patch levels.

Yesterday, I farmed for a lvl66 Slagga and it popped after the third try. I love that smg so I replace it frequently. They always drop without grinding. For me, the increase in drop rates is noticeable.

Let’s remember: ‘(pseudo-)random’ distribution does not mean ‘evenly-spaced’ distribution. We should expect ‘extra-lucky’ multiple drops and dry spells when nothing seems to drop for ages, without any change to the base rate. One evenings play is nowhere near a big enough sample to assume a change to the drop rate. Even though it may be frustrating.

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I like this forum unlike any other forum you can have just a conversation about something without someone ripping your head off for having a opinion.

Yeh I think I’ve noticed more chubbies but that brings me to another point actually me and a couple friends online havenoticed all loot midgets have started dropping next to nothing the odd relic or grenade mod but nothing compared to what they used to.

Sorry I maybe should of been a bit clearer my findings weren’t just last night but since the patch last night was just the tipping point.

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I play nearly every night with my wife and a friend of ours and we rarely leave without seeing at least one legendary or ancient relic.

Doesn’t BL 2 use weighted averages? Computers are incapable of creating truly random numbers, so the whole random is random meme is false. What GBX did with the drop rates was increase the weight of legendaries (and pearls for BL 2), while decreasing the weight of other gear, like whites. That doesn’t mean you’ll get a legendary every session or every couple of sessions, it just means you have a greater chance at said loot. Keep plugging those bad guys and you’ll eventually get a good reward.