Patch dropping 05JUN2017 discusion

I figured I’d make a topic so people can find this easier, standby for link to @JoeKGBX’s post with links



Well, I’m happy that Holotwin won’t fail the boom bot challenge for me any more. :slight_smile:

I’ll stay away from balance discussions for a while, there are people with more experience here to do those, I have to try them first again for a few weeks. :smiley:


If this is all, then it will not return the players. It had to be done a year ago.


You’re welcome to post gut feelings as well because I’m hoping we can get a discussion going. Like I’m curious now about the new legendary gear costs and how they were determined




But no buldor nerfs… :.(


There was one thing, no overshield on boldur dash without hitting a target.


What’s that? I can’t hear you over the deafening sound of buldor still being the same amount of effectiveness 99 percent of the time.

Tho maybe combined with the Alani nerfs he might not be as bad… Maybe…


The buffs to super minions and thralls might cause quite a bit of snowballing after the first sentry fell and you lost middle. I don’t want to punish the winning team for winning, but I have some concerns that comebacks get a little bit tougher now and that free wrench and shard generator are now really necessary.


I’d actually argue for epic versions of a wrench/shard gen,

Shard gen with build cost reduction and wrench with shard gen. Slightly slower start but has more staying power in a match


Blanket nerfs, my favorite…


Nice topic, dooder!

There is definitely much discussion to come in the near future post-patch and new stuff going live!

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There were buffs mixed in, so not quite blanket

I won’t lie, most my experience with this game lies in my private 3v5s with and against bots and they seem to have unlimited shards. :slight_smile:

Don’t really have the right intuition which rarity is best for a game, but I know how much you can be pushed back already by getting hit with wave after wave of minions and thralls. This just made me a bit worried when I read about the buffs. :slight_smile:

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That’s why, against human players when I teamed with @FlamesForAll I had a few different loadouts that were all variants on “shard gen”

Had an epic shield and wrench in all of them that both generated shards. Then either a free shard gen, an epic shard gen with buildcost reduction or “generous refund policy”(legendary shard gen with buildcost reduction and discounts 25% of the shard cost when it is destroyed)

it turned the tide in a lot of matches


Definitely some good changes in that patch, but many have yet to come if a F2P version is the goal. Thus, I hope they won’t announce F2P in tomorrow’s stream because the game has to be perfect once it goes F2P to retain a consistent playerbase. Right now, reading all the patches, I’d say it’s in a good state but I definitely cannot confirm that until I try them out. But a “good state” is not enough, as I said, it has to be perfect. I like the direction they are going with the latest updates though, keep them coming.



Why go free to play?

That’s like giving up, throwing in the towel.

It’s already SO CHEAP, and look how much love and hard work they are STILL putting into it!

Is this live now? Is the update downloadable?

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I mainly mentioned F2P because a lot of people are talking about it and I consider it very likely to happen. Personally I am in two minds about that, because going F2P can be misconceived by the targeted audience of new players.


The best answer I can think of is, get lots of people to try it because what do they lose? Once they get to the game they’ll have more incentive to stay but we have to get them over that hurdle because of the…less than savory reputation battleborn has


Hm. Only real interesting change (for me) was the global attack and defense numbers…but on the first read-thru I thought it applied to all modes, but on re-reading I think it might only apply to Story Modes. I wonder if it’d be for PvP as well?

@Jythri care for a real quick clarification?