Patch Live but no DLC 2 Purchase Page

So the patch is downloading right now, and I’d like to fire up DLC 2, but, it’s not showing up as a purchasable option? I didn’t have the money for the season pass when DLC 1 came out so I’m stuck buying them individually as they launch, and it’s not showing as something being sold individually on the store yet.

I don’t think it’s active yet. My game just downloaded patch but the DLC is not there yet (I do have season pass).


Good to know, at least it’s an “everyone” problem and not just a “me” problem. That’d be my luck lol. I’ll just keep refreshing the store page until I can buy it I guess.

Yeah, weird that they’d release the patch but not activate the DLC. I’ve got the new perks on guardian perks on my screen, but they’re all locked. :\

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On steam available, on EPIC not ???


Yeah I cannot find any purchase info on epic… talks about horrible platform

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Ok, I’ve got the quest available to pick up, but can’t navigate to the planet. I guess that Guardian Perks are locked until the DLC is fully downloaded as well.

They aren’t locked they are disabled which is a feature just press R if on PC I don’t know the console controls.

Can you already level up? If yes, gravy is gonna suffer.

Yes I’ve already hit lvl 57 on one of my VH. 1 match of Slaughter MH4 got me to 57 at wave 3 of round 5.


Aight thx.

Ah, thanks. I can’t see the bottom of my screen in the menu due to ultrawide issues the game STILL has. -_-

Same. Downloaded the patch. Can level up beyond 53. But cant purchase the dlc :frowning:

I have the DLC (Xbox/UK) - but no visible patch/update for the game as of yet - pending if i can actually play the dlc

yeah i was in the same boat as you, can’t see t he bottom of my screen due to playing 21:9. I just pushed random buttons while hovering over them and they unlocked (i forgot my hotkey for it, turns out it was g… I think).

One hour post launch and the option to PURCHASE still isn’t even available let alone actually download and play…

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It’s supposed to be released by 12pm PST its only 10am I would be patient.

Where did you see that? Literally everything I read over the last couple of weeks said 9am PST. It’s now 10am PST.

True but its kind of confusing if you can download it on steam, but not on epic game store. I dont know if steam players can already play. If not then I guess we just all have to wait another 2 hours.

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