Patch Note Details?

So the actual DLC update was just shy of 500MB on Windows. Once you’ve gone to the Steam Store to register / download the DLC, you get another 2.9GB (yes, GB) patch or so.

There’s got to be stuff in there. Unless it’s just Steam re-arranging file contents on disk (again)?

Raising this because I’m a developer and a nerd for details, but also because the extra 3GB download might be news for some.

I think the small patch is what enables the extra levels and changes the FT menu. The new DLC itself likely includes additional HD textures for those running 4K/UHD in addition to the actual game content. Just guesswork on my part - haven’t seen any actual patch notes. Might want to check the support web site in case there’s anything there.

Ah, I forgot about the HD textures, that’s a good shout. Would explain the size and it being keyed to the DLC download.

Nothing on their support site yet -

Ah you beat me to it! I was just about to paste that link. :smiley: I’ve been keeping an eye on that page for a few weeks, but yeah, so far nothing. I’m a nerd for details too.