Patch preview feedback

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After testing the ilovehomeworld preview patch most of my opinions are good, the changes to light anti-fighter units is more than welcome
although i’m wondering if the HW1 destroyer hasnt become too expensive. It went all the way to 2500UR for only a minimal hp buff. why not make it 2200 or 2300 ? would be more fair in my opinion.

that’s it ^^

edit: actually i’m not even so sure about the destroyers price since you can spam powerful frigates at will, it only compensates

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Definite improvement, but they have some hammering out to complete.

I hope there is an updated guide to all these changes being made. Otherwise I don’t know how anyone is supposed to know.

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A post down there is another list that is compiled with the latest changes.

See the 1st and 2nd post here: