Patch Results: What's with the sudden ABUNDANCE of Annointed Enemies?

Since this patch, playing Mayhem mode on any level, Annointed are spawning like crazy in nearly every zone I run across.

I was just playing through TVHM Mayhem 2 on The Prison level, story mission to get Hammerlocke, and I am not lying (as I counted them once I defeated them all, barely) but there were 5 Annointed enemies in one room. Outside, I had to fight 3. After that, 2. I just booted up today and on Jakobs Mansion level … and already, first group of mobs I run into on two resets, 2 annointed mixed in with the normal baddies. Why???

Annointed are fine as semi-rare spawns in normal groups of mobs. They are literal damage sponges that can pretty much 1-hit you. But it seems like the percentage went from 5% to around 45%. I mean being surrounded by badasses is one thing, but when you throw in 2-5 Annointed every 5 steps it makes clearing any one zone a tremendous slog and entirely unnecessary.

It’s not fun at all.

Did you guys amp up the Annointed for a reason?

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im not sure if it was after the patch or not but i have seen a lot of annointed enemies in my games. they used to be a pain but my butcher kills them very quickly so its not bad for me anymore. BEFORE i got the butcher though, yeah screw that.

Is this why it’s called “Mayhem Mode?”

It’s supposed to be the most difficult end game content, correct?

Difficult doesn’t have to mean tedious, which is what the OP is getting out of the current Annointed spawn rates.

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I can see that point, but I disagree. To me, tedious is fighting an enemy that is a giant bullet sponge, and the difficulty is staying alive for the large amount of time it takes to pump a gazillion rounds into it (BL2 UVHM Raids…looking at you). This is not counting broken build/weapon combos obviously. Having to push through really tough mobs isn’t tedious, it’s kinda the point of the game. Why else are you collecting all of this loot, and putting together and testing builds, if its not to fight the difficult fights?

It is tedious, though. That’s my original point. Annointed are “chance” rare spawn enemies that happen each time a group of mobs spawn in the zone. Some are not that difficult, depending on what type they are, but even so they add a layer of difficulty to each encounter if one is present. Some are quite deadly (like the purple orb guys due to their teleportation and AoE 1-hit kills).

The problem is that on TVHM and Mayhem levels, you have already upped the difficulty drastically due to the mods impacting your games and the weapon/health buffs enemies get. That’s part of the challenge, unarguably. An annointed makes it more difficult, sure, and they should — and they should be random.

What I was encountering though was not one or two annointed every so often. It was literally every pack of monsters I ran into had 3+ of the guys darting around other missile-toting badasses and hard hitting 1-shot enemies. I run a very effective Amara build (Ties that Bind) but there’s not much you can do against 2 annointed tanks, 2 globe guys surrounded by normal mobs except sort of cheap shot your way to victory. It made every area I went into a 10 minute slog instead of a few minute fight for your life scenario. And keep in mind, this was NOT happening prior to the patch. I enjoy the difficulty of Mayhem mode, but I don’t suddenly like like that every enemy I was fighting was an annointed. That’s not fun since you can’t do anything against 1-hit kills and second winds are useless due to their health pools. You can only dodge and ability your way out of so much as a player in this game.

Anyway, I’ve reloaded this morning and I’ve gone through Jakobs missions on TVHM Mayhem 3 without running into some insane Annointed spawn rate. Everything seems normal, so I’m not sure if it was the Prison level exclusively or there was a higher chance put in … who knows. My original post was not some out of the blue exaggeration. I literally counted 5 annointed purple crystals husks(2 tink tanks, 2 orb void throwers, 1 goliath) in a single room (and I’m excluding regular badasses with radiation missiles weaved in). Before that, a room with 2, and before that one with 3. It just suddenly felt like Annoitned were ALL over the place late last night and I had never seen that before. I’m level 35 Guardian, on my second playthrough on TVHM … so I’ve been playing quite a lot and hadn’t seen that type of thing … then realized a patch went out last night (which explained why legendaries stopped spawning so often, as I noticed that too). But no mention of Annointed up-spawns.

Being that I have yet to experience this, I can’t specifically say how I feel about it. I’m about halfway through TVHM and at lvl 50 and GR lvl 29. I do run into them quite a bit, but not 5 at once. However, I feel too many people try to play like their fav streamers, just running blitzkrieg tactics like a berzerker. Trying to just smash through every mob and boss in seconds.

Try using tactics. Run, hide, cover, slide. Snipe from afar. Don’t try to run in and steamrolll everything like you are supposed to be invincible. It’s funny, I had to have the same convo with my wife as we play together. She died…a LOT, while I hardly went down. It’s all in how you play.

Now that I think on it. I did have an unusually tough time in the prison, with lots of super tough mobs. But, I kind of expect that in the tougher modes though

Could just be a victim of RNG

The Anvil seems to be a b**ch for annointed mobs.

Played on Mayhem 1 and got slammed by the big fecker with the shield (militant- really hate those,) zealot and that tink

I’m finding that any COV area that spawns decent to large size mobs can quickly get out of hand in the higher Mayhem modes. Far too often on M2 and M3, and sometimes on lower difficulties, I will run into multiple badass enemies with armor, multiple triple bar super badasses and one or more anointed at the same time.

Considering the overall toughness of these enemies, this is already a balance issue in my eyes, but when you add the fact that a lot of these enemies spawn with launchers, chuck grenades everywhere and Anointed purple balls of death… you get a screen full of crap that blocks your vision, and thats on top of the enemies being tough to kill AND dishing out tons of damage.

This can quickly turn into a fustercluck and gave me fits finishing the COV Slaughter. No other areas or situations in this game have caused me trouble or grief…other than these areas. I definitely feel they could balance this better

Hardened badass tinks with triple bars are a real pain with their mirv grenades. Add rocket launcher bandits and anointed militants to the mix or better yet 2 more anointed that spam the bfg type homing orbs. Then things really get nasty but fun as well

I just quit the game because of all the anointed i got spawned.
CoronaZombie is roght to some point, but for me those enemies are not even a real challenge. Doging them is not the problem, its just how long it takes to take tgen down.
I just quit just and only because i entered a fight and saw anointed spawn right away.
They are not ‘harder’ or more challenging then any other enemie, they just need so damn long to get taken down.

they may be tough, but theres a higher chance at a legendary drop once you kill them. I see them as an opportunity.