Patch to allow right analogue stick to look around (Up & Down)?

Was directed here via Gearbox Software Support. Here is the original message.

Hi there, have recently picked up the game again in VR this time and it is a joy to revisit this world! However being how alot of the series is focused on looting I am getting alot of neck strain when having to physically look up and down for items and loot box’s etc.

I was wondering if there was a way to patch the game and allow use of the right analogue stick to look up and down (As you would normally in the none VR version) also so I am not always having to physically every time. Much like how you can turn around on the controller still with the left analogue stick?

Would really appreciate this as is effecting me continuing playing this game due to neck strain.

Thankyou for your time!

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If you check the settings there should be an option about that. If there is none you have the regular Borderlands 2 right? EDIT: If there is an option and you figure it out great ! But if you don’t see the option and you have the other one play that one instead … If you don’t see the option and don’t have another copy of the regular one try to get one of the handsome collection its like 20$ at walmart sometime’s . If your neck hurts try to sleep for a few hour’s. That’s about all the assistance i can help you with.

There is only an option in the settings to turn left and right controller function on, which is very helpful… that is why I wondered if it would be possible to patch in to allow looking up and down also as there is currently no option in the settings for that :worried:

Regarding playing the original I already have finished that collection but wanted to go through it all again in the glory of VR, as have now paid for this version so would like to try and enjoy this version as much as possible.