Patches, roadmap, modding?

I don’t believe I need to go into deep detail how important it is for the community to know what is happening behind the scenes - a short summary would suffice really. I’m absolutely trying to avoid a wall of text to not waste dev time so here’s the questions:

  • Is there a roadmap for the next X patches? Can you show us please?

  • How much time do you expect will it take to “get out of beta” and have a fully functioning game?

  • Mod makers are getting frustrated, understandably. What’s the mod tool pack’s status?

  • Can mod makers safely go ahead and make ships now? What extra tasks would making a ship now mean when you consider updating those to your new upcoming HOD format?

  • Official balance mod release date estimates?

Thanks in advance.

(If you’re not with Gearbox, please don’t answer the questions in their place… we’d all like accurate info)


Would love more regular News about the development of the Remaster AND the upcoming Shipbreakers… it’s been pretty quiet for a while now.

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As someone making a mod atm, I wasn’t aware I needed any other official tools besides HODOR :3

And from what I understand as far as making ships is concerned all we’d need to do is run our dae files through whatever new version of HODOR we get. It’s more so about the edits they’re doing to file structures right now, especially when designing a new race.

Then why are you making all of those custom tools like a HODOR GUI and weapon editor? :smile:

There are a great more tools that Gearbox could be creating to help with mod creation, to say nothing of updated documentation too. At the moment, there is no official centre for documentation and tools such as map and weapon editors. There are a great many modders who do not post on these forums, at least not anymore, who are frustrated by the lack of an actual development kit.

However, even if all the official tools were there, we also have changes to HODs, squadron mechanics and file structures as you mentioned that the developers have either announced or made passing comments about here on the forums. To say nothing of multiplayer’s official status as still being in beta.

So it’s perfectly reasonable to ask if there are any plans to create more tools and documentation, along with asking what kind of roadmap, if any, there is for them along with overall development and balancing of the game that is still ongoing months after official release.

We waited a decade for anything new with Homeworld, we can wait another year for HWR to actually be complete; but having at least some kind of idea of a roadmap and estimated completion is quite reasonable and a good thing to do. Otherwise more and more people are just going to grow tired of waiting and will stop playing/participating. Which is why you may have noticed this place growing increasingly quiet recently.

Now please, let us wait for an official response from the folks who might actually have a real answer and not bicker as ego-driven nerds.

Because HODOR is the only official and required tool :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as everything else goes we could make our own assuming we have up-to-date documentation on all the little flags and properties. THAT’s what I’d want more than any other tools.

Unless I missed something like some other weird file format :3

[quote=“Xercodo, post:3, topic:502257”] from what I understand as far as making ships is concerned all we’d need to do is run our dae files through whatever new version of HODOR we get. It’s more so about the edits they’re doing to file structures right now, especially when designing a new race.

To reformulate, what if someone wants to make an all new ship NOW? How will the coming HOD update affect those people?

You take the dae, and run it through HODOR again. That’s it. Unless some sort of materials flags or shader support thing got changed you just need to re-run it and that’s all.

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The HODOR pipeline has always been sold to us as meaning that so long as you use it, changes to the game will at most mean you have to rerun HODOR on your .dae files again. Obviously I’m not gearbox, but I haven’t seen any suggestions that this update will change that.

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We’ve been given as much of a road map and behind the scenes details as are possible.

We have a fully functional game. With more improvements on the way.

As a mod maker, I’m not frustrated at all. We have the mod tools. Perhaps the only one missing is a NIS tool, and that will happen when it happens, if it happens. Oh, and a re-release of the FX tool would be helpful, crappy as it may be, but text based editing is a perfectly serviceable alternative.

Mod makers have been making ships for quite some time. As Siber and Xerc said, just re-run the DAE with HODOR and poof, new game ready HOD.

Are you a dev? If not then you really have no authority to say this. I’ve read comments by BV and others too, and although it is obvious that they are still working, and I appreciate that making engine changes is a whole different game of ball than modding, they have never given any real ETAs for things and certainly haven’t given us a roadmap or anything like it.

And don’t make the personal fallacy, just because you’re okay with the current state of modding in HWR does not mean that everyone else is. I realise that some people seem to be content with the current state of things, but that is certainly not everyone.

Now can we please get a response from someone who actually knows what is going on at Gearbox?

Can we confirm that there is an internal roadmap at least, even if it is not publicly made available?

Is there hope that the multiplayer will come out of “beta” before the year has passed? Or are we looking at MP beta well into 2016?

What, if any, additional developments for mod tools and official documentation are planned?

These are questions that only the developers can answer. Even a shaky estimation would be enough for me personally. I don’t expect a business plan laid out, just some centralised communication of what the gameplan is that incorporates some impression of timescale.

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No, I’m not a GBX dev, but I’ve been listening to them:

And yes, do expect to be responded to with personal opinions when you state your own personal opinions as if they were fact - ie “fully functioning game”, “mod makers are getting frustrated”, etc.

Now, that being said, since it seems you were unaware that modding is going ahead at full steam currently (more or less, many of us are focusing on content creation rather than ship import per se while we wait for “The Big Patch” to drop), if you do have any questions about the tools, we’ll all be more than happy to answer any how-to questions you might have. Though do be sure to check out the tutorial threads, as there’s some magnificent work being done there by the community.

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That was the post I was gonna quote too : P

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If that’s going to be it, then that’s great, but I’d kinda need to hear this kind of stuff from GBX to commit my team to it… that’s why I specifically asked at the start of the topic to please not speculate.

What about the ability to manipulate existing ship hods? It’s not possible man. Can one add animated subsystems now?

No ETA on anything there. That is no roadmap.

Again, why should we do anything when we know major changes are coming, but not when?

This is the problem, the impression that is being given is that it’s best to wait until Gearbox are done changing things to go “way beyond what Relic ever imagined.”

Do you understand what we’re getting at? It’s not “WAAAAH THIS GAME IS UNFINISHED” it’s “When will all of these promised, and yet still newly promised, changes actually be implemented?”

Personally I’d be happier with at least some assurances that all of this is expected to be done by 2016. Otherwise I don’t see the point in committing to Homeworld in 2015 when we don’t know what the final state of the game will be yet. Bear in mind that at some point Gearbox could just decide to switch focus off of HWR, especially once Shipbreakers is in a presentable form for them to start hyping up.

Please stop trying to strawman the argument here.

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You guys should check in the modding section and perhaps ask modding related questions there. It seems to be pretty active when it comes to dev interaction, far more so than this section. A lot of the stuff has an ETA of ‘done when its done’, will never change. Small team and ‘a lot of irons in the fire’ and all that.

That said most of what the actual current active modders have said in this thread is not speculation, even I know as much. Actual active modders currently building, texturing and importing models into the game are working side by side with the devs. It’s your choice to not get in on that and get some of the content part done so long but it’s awesome seeing people doing those stuff already. A lot of positive energy in the modding section, gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Also the last communication from the Devs on the matter was that you will never be able to extract or change existing ship models in game. They are looking into developing a way to allow you to modularly interact with the models allowing you to make ‘kitbashes’ without having to export the models. A lot of that is a bit over my head but I have seen plenty of posts by the devs on the matter. At this point it’d just be a case of them repeating themselves, again, for your benefit. A lot of the info is in the modding section.

Keeping the questions clear, short and to the point without under/overtones, perhaps with a question per thread and in the correct section of the forum would get best results. Initial post was good but a mix of things and from iddferent areas overseen by different devs. This is just a suggestion, up to you guys though.


What has your comment got to do about a roadmap?

The road map that BV gave there is as far as you’re gonna get. The gbx devs have been adamant about NOT giving us timescales because they don’t know how long a lot of the stuff will take. They probably gotta do a lot of experimentation with the internal engine to see if feature A B or C will work when they change it, and that’s not even counting the balance changes.

The chief reason though is because they don’t want to be held to a timescale that we riot over if they miss it. If you want I can go find the BV post to quote him on that.

Also Forceuser was responding to Nakamura’s concern about being able to extract and modify existing game models.

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I also recall BV saying something to the effect that they were not going to add a lobby to HWR. Then they did.

Right now HWR feels like an early access release. So if they want to keep the interest of a lot of people then they need to have either regular (weekly or fortnightly) updates or a publicly followable roadmap like Stardock does.

ETA’s ruined AC Unity.
The “done when it’s done” thing is great if you want fully functional, working tools/games but not if you want them right now. Then it’s a hit or miss.
Of course some sort of time frame would be nice, for planning purposes.

Though I agree that maybe this kind of methodology would end up deterring some new players if they discern the game as “work in progress with no perceived release” which it isn’t. The game is released. That’s that.

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as someone whos competent at modding. i can tell you aren’t, just by your comment and general ceaselessness of how bad hodor i,s or what it takes to make a new ship.

im with the OP. ive rage uninstalled and gave up. whats the status of ANYTHING that was promised???

also idc about the mod patch, from what ive seen so far, they wont get it right anyway lol.