Patience is a virtue, hats off to Gearbox

I am going to standout from the people who complain and say hats off to gearbox. I think BB is an amazing game, it will continue to grow, and so will it’s fan base. For the players, patience is a virtue. This game is literally one of a kind. With that said, each patch Gearbox will be smoothing out its flaws. You can’t expect a game that is unique to be flawless at its first go. This game is insanely fun through campaign mode and PVP, and it will only get better. I think BB is off to a great start.


Its a unique and truly amazing game




Thank you. I really enjoy reading positive posts as there are so many complaints in this forum. I also believe and hope that this game is off to a great start and will evolve into something even bigger.

I would love to play this game for years to come! And I can see lots of substance and potential for that.
Thank you GearBox for one of the greatest games I have played so far :slight_smile: enjoying the hell out of it!

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Totally agree. Love the game and would hate to see it die because of matchmaking issues. I’ve seen so many people leave for overwatch cause they weren’t ready to wait for 20 minutes to start a match. Please fix. Would be truly sad if this makes people stop playing the game…

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Could not agree more. I don’t think this game will reach Borderlands type success, but those are big shoes to fill. I was on the fence about this game since I heard about it, not a big fan of conpetitive games, but I’m glad I bought it. It’s the first game to really take my attention away from Borderlands. The PVP is a lot more fun that I thought, and I find myself playing PVP more than PVE. I have only given 3 characters a serious go since release… I’ll be playing for a long time I think