Patricia Tannis - I hate her in BL3

I hope I’m not alone with this. Tannis in BL3 looks… bad. Her face… She did not age, but … I dont know, lost her charm. And this is a really sensitive topic for me, because she was my favourite character from the entire series… Yup.

I’m pretty sure she is going to be as mad as used to be, which is the main reason I love her, but still. I feel that’s a shame.


Looks fine to me. About the lack of aging, that is true for the other characters as well, over 10 years have passed between 1 and 3, and yet the characters from 1 all look pretty much the same age, especially Lilith.

I’ve seen some cool Tannis fan theories that might explain her lack of aging specifically, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if one of those theories comes true in Borderlands 3.


Tannis looks OK to me. Lilith is the one who looks kind of weird in my opinion.


The art took a bit of a downhill jump with respect to some of the characters, and Lilith is a biggie; looks much worse and it’s not “aging” it’s the actual shape of her face.


@muchdebate Looks pretty much the same as she always did imo, aside from slightly different hair and maybe slightly rounder cheeks:

Borderlands 1

Borderlands 2 In-game

Borderlands 2 Promotional Render

Borderlands 3


Ease up on my girl, she’s a Biker…Biker’s Unite!

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I think it’s the cheeks and lips. They’re a lot fuller and something about that is weirding me out.

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I haven’t seen her yet but, if she’s changed facially I’ll be happy. She’s the spitting image of my girlfriend in BL2, the only difference being my bird has much longer hair, and it’s always distracting when I see her, if she looks different now it won’t put me off when I’m playing the game as much - it’s quite odd playing a game when there’s a virtual, cartoony double of the girl you go to bed with in it, with a plummy accent and weird behaviors (Tannis is clearly on the autistic spectrum somewhere) :rofl:

I never liked the “Tannis has Aspergers” thing. It felt tacked on and not thought out when Tannis already had the most in-depth backstory of any character in Borderlands 1.

If the Borderlands writers want to tackle mental health issues I think they can, but you have to handle it carefully in a universe where you’ve established that there are insane violent “Psychos” on every street corner.

In my opinion, Lilith looks more like a real human in this game.

In BL1 she looked like a doll, and in BL2 her neck was absurdly long, and who did her hair, it looked awful

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I think every character in the Borderlands universe that has more than a 10 word dialogue suffers some form of mental illness, you would though living in that environment haha. I think the most “normal” one I can think of is Ellie, and even she’s psychopathic with a hint of lunacy. I like the fact all the characters are bats*** crazy though, I’m sick to the back teeth of games with mundane, safe, bland characters in them cos the writers are terrified of offending the SJW gestapo. I could happily watch a Borderlands movie, they’d have to try super hard to mess it up as there’s about 20 characters that could all carry a movie by themselves, my only fear would be they’d get Dwayne Johnson to play brick and I cannot stand the guy, he reminds me of Will Smith in that no matter what character they play, it’s always always the same, like here’s The Rock as a cop, here he’s a criminal, here he’s a psychotic maniac that likes to punch things - totally one dimensional. Ironically though, if there’s one character the dude was born to play, it’s Brick.


That’s kind of what I’m saying. There’s over-the-top played for laughs “crazy” and then there’s “character dealing with realistic mental illness/challenges.” I think pulling both off at the same time is where things can get dangerous if you’re not careful.

I think when the devs have tried to be serious, and really give some respect to genuinely heartfelt moments they’ve nailed it. The Tina arc in the Dragonkeep Dlc was beautifully written and handled and I doubt many got through that without shedding a tear. Same with the Scooter quest in the latest add on. For all the cuckooery of the games, they can pull off drama pretty well when they put their mind to it. I’ve played games where they’ve really made a hash of trying to portray emotional plot points, I can’t think of a moment in a BL game when I’ve thought they’ve been a tad insensitive or anything. I’m sure there’s people out there who’ll play merry hell at half the content though, but those kind of folk would find things to be offended by in a My little pony cartoon.


@diztruxionuk There’s actually a Borderlands movie in development, though it sounds dreadful, as it’s not following the plot of the games at all:

A legendary thief named Lilith will be the protagonist in a new story that will include instantly recognizable faces, like the fan-favorite Claptrap. The movie will find Lilith in the Atlas Corporation space prison when the CEO gives her the chance to earn her freedom by rescuing his daughter, the foul-mouthed Tiny Tina, on the planet Pandora. The mission takes an unexpected turn when it becomes clear that the little girl is the key to unlocking a valuable alien vault that Atlas wants all for itself. Joining her on the adventure is the previously mentioned Claptrap, Tina’s bodyguard Krieg, and a group of vault hunters (it is unclear if they will be established game characters).

Does that sound bad or what? It would be so easy to make a good Borderlands movie by just following the Borderlands 2 story and making sure that you nail the casting for Jack in particular. Why in the world are they making huge changes that are unnecessary, like making Krieg Tina’s bodyguard and Tiny Tina the daughter of Atlas’ CEO?


I aggree. They are all mad. But Tannis had a great story in BL1 and she kept it up in BL2. I’m sure she’ll be fine in BL3 charater wise, the only thing I don’t really like is her new wider face.

And yes, she is mad as well, maybe even more than the others, but that was her charm for me. Not just a mad scientist, but an absolutely mad scientist. (We’ve got explanation in BL1, which made it really coherent. Good job!)

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Borderlands is very good at nailing the emotional moments. Even The Pre-Sequel, which story wise was a misstep in my opinion, has some genuinely great beats with the Felicity stuff and Claptastic Voyage.

The stuff I’m complaining about is very minor in the long run. Like the Tannis thing I didn’t like was one line in a mission briefing. If you like something do much that you scrutinize it long enough you’ll find those small things.

Or just make a new story in the Borderlands universe. You can have established characters play a role and include Easter eggs for the fans while creating a self contained story to satisfy moviegoers who haven’t played the games.

Geez, you’re right, that does sound awful. Tiny Tina’s father? The one that got killed by wotsisname that she killed at the tea party? I’m guessing it’ll have to be some prequel then and Tina will be very young. Still doesn’t fit with any of the canon though even then if memory serves. But when did a video game film ever stay totally true to the games.

As long as it’s not House of the dead or Alone in the dark bad then I’d still watch it, especially if they got someone like Margot Robbie to play lilith :stuck_out_tongue:
I still see them shoehorning The Rock into it though, if the budget allows it. I swear that guy would appear in an all girl film in drag if the part was offered to him, seems there’s nothing the guy will turn down and he plays the same damn turn every time, might just be me but I can’t watch anything he’s in now cos my suspension of disbelief is destroyed as soon as he does the eyebrow thing within 5 minutes of the film starting, such a one note record actor. I thought Arnie and Stallone in the 80s were wooden, but they at least deviated from the same clichéd character in a few movies.

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Hollywood needs to stop thinking they know best on anything film releated. The amount of things they’ve botched almost infinitely outweigh the things they got right or did well when it comes to taking media from other sources to make a movie.

The good news is, the movie has gone through multiple writers and screenplays since it was first announced in 2015. So there is a good chance that screenplay will be scrapped as well. Hopefully they find a writer who will stay true to the game and nail the casting choices in the end.

Based on Pitchford’s interview about the movie at the launch party I’m not optimistic.