Patriot's TMP recreated in Lego

Hello vault hunters, i have recreated the Patriot’s TMP out of Lego bricks. Here is a quick comparison between the two:

-Left side of the gun.

That’s all. My sincere apology for the horrible quality of the pictures, these were taken with the webcam of a Dell laptop. Have a nice day everyone.

EDIT: I made the blade attachment anyway. Here are a couple pictures:


This shows that creativity knows no limits when you have Lego.
Really amazing what you’ve made!

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Thanks man, the feedback is appreciated.

Its patriots man you forgot the melee attachment! Just kidding man that’s so awesome. I wish I could Lego like that… How long that take you to build?

From the start, it took 3 days. Actually at first, this wasn’t even made to be a borderlands gun. Then i noticed the similarity between the 2 and made some changes, then i ended up with this.

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