Paul Ruskay talking about the remastering process

Just found an article worth sharing. Paul Ruskay, as you know The Sound God Whose Ear Shapes What Is from both games, explains in detail the status of the original audio mixes done in '98 and '03, and the process to bring them back to life.

There’s a neat screenshot from an early HW1RM build there, with a unfinished Mothership model sitting in the Scaffold, when ambience lightning was still in development.

When are we gonna get posts like this but from the dev guys? I’m REALLY curious about the details of the 16 years old code you guys had to tinker with!

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That was a really good read actually.

Hey Paul, just a headsup: “It was a good thing that so many people had posted videos of walkthroughs of classic Homeworld missions, as I was continually referencing those to make sure we were creating the same experience as in the classic version.”

I’m squeaking my wheel. The planet killer song during mission 15 of HW2:R is still missing :disappointed_relieved:


All I have to say linking with that is, the gameplay of Homeworld 1 is missing. Paul, can you get someone to find it please?


No, the gameplay of homeworld 1 is all there, in homeworld 1. And Homeworld 1 Remastered has Homeworld 1 Remastered gameplay :wink:


Which is to say Homeworld 2 gameplay…

With Tautological skillz like that you should think about a career in P.R or Politics :smile:

I think we were damn lucky it turned out Paul was a bit of a pack Rat. Not every one would still have a box of files for a 16 year old game, made for a company that doesn’t exist any more.

It also shows how ephemeral all the file formats and tools we rely on really are…makes you think how long it will be before the things we now take for granted like the Steam network. disappear into their own digital abyss. :cold_sweat:


Ah, like Gamespy did. Question for anyone who has it,“What format are the individual soundtrack files in?”

And Jondu, for the record, this “Remaster” is like someone taking original studio recordings of Eric Clapton twenty years after the cassette tapes were released, mixing the original instruments out, then Auto-Tuning the entire album into (death/core/scream)-metal, and calling it a “Remaster.”

Whether or not one likes what comes out, it is not the original at it’s highest quality, nor can it be said to do anything but have a passing resemblance to it. Look at it that way, and you might understand why some of us are annoyed. Sending the buyer a copy of the cassette ripped to .mp4/.m4a minus two songs would just add insult to injury.

So I would ask Paul this instead,“Paul, can you just please educate Gearbox and Blackbird what a remaster is?”