Pause and give orders?

Hi there.

Is there a possibility to pause the game, control camera and give comands? (singeplay) The game is really fast and I like to use the full tactics possibilities the game provides. Also I’d like to watch and enjoy the vehicles, explosions, atmosphere etc by. zooming in, rotating etc. after pausing the game to get my camera in position to watch the scene of a fight. I mean, it is possible in Homeworld 1+2?

To have full overwatch over a battle I have to press space all the time and all the nice doing of your work is kinda senseless, … now the game is just: click click click click scroll click click click scroll click click click … feels like playing zergs in Star Craft… the atmosphere you showed us in your videos and which is showed in the video sequences between the battle is gone, as soon as enemy is approaching. atm its not a joy at all

absolute game breaker. Another game in my list, waiting for patch till I keep playing.


Why can’t we pause and give orders like all the other Homeworld games? Instead of allowing us to see the game field and queue up orders, the screen is darkened and frozen the same as bringing up the menu. This is an enormous disappointment. If I’m playing single player, I should be able to play it how I will get the most enjoyment out of it. Can this be addressed in a patch?


yea… in the developer videos someone of them said: “When I play the game…” I can’t believe he ever did. Everyone who plays the game for 30 seconds realizes that the pause function is missing…

and please don’t tell me, you knew that there is no pause function. That makes it even worse.


Have to agree with this… For me I want it mainly for looking through the menus of ships/engineering/upgrades without being bugged by the computer in skirmish mode, so I know exactly what I am building/researching.


Sorry I don’t have an answer, but I wanted to voice my concern about this lack of a “pause” button as well. :frowning:

Hopefully this will get patched in.


yes please add the pause function !

for me playing the homeworld campaign / skirmish is always like press pause - think - and make the best tactics. i do not want to stress around when playing this kind of games and this was always a big bonus for homeworld.

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What the heck… you cant even pause and enjoy the beautiful visuals… sort it out!!


Yea I was really surprised that pause wasn’t in the game. Together with all the weirdness like not being able to alt-focus on a group of units and the erratic camera, and I’m not having nearly as much fun as the Homeworld games where you could really pause and appreciate battles from the best angles.


This. 100% this. I’m an old Homeworld Fan (does anyone remember the Contested Borders mod?), and I dearly miss this simple feature. I played the first few levels last night and felt extremely rushed and frustrated. The Rock/Paper/Scissors unit mechanic makes it imperative to assign the right units to the right jobs, but everything is moving so fast I’m either just watching triangles on my sensor manager or trying desperately to select the right units while my guys are getting slaughtered.

Most of all, I really want to take a moment to enjoy the beautiful art in this game, but just feel too rushed and overwhelmed.


This 100%.Please patch DoK and add a pause function that allows the player to give commands while paused and look around the battlefield. I’m a huge fan of Homeworld and this simple function (pause -> plan -> command -> enjoy the action) is one of the main reasons why Homeworld was so successful and fun to play. I cant believe any developer connected with the original Homeworld game would overlook this simple yet vital feature that enables strategic planning and fun game play.

I played Homeworld 2 remastered for hours and its still fun. When i bought DoK I was really looking forward to a related, similar feeling game. The lack of a “Pause and Give Orders” feature just ruined DoK for me. Im a very disappointed customer and i’m sure i’m not the one :frowning: . Please patch DoK and add a “Pause and Give Orders” feature.


I know that feel… I didnt even doubt one second that this function could not be in DoK, I never thought of that possibility. It was really a big surprise, but none of them you are happy of…


Pause orders, “H” for harvest, edge panning option, military select, “Tab” for tactical overlay toggle, etc, etc

Minor quality of life issues… but it’s really strange that they are not in the game. It’s like a step backwards.

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I can see how the pause mechanic would be a helpful utility for learning the game. being able to look at unit stats is absolutely vital to any RTS game, and oc for screenshots. The only other utility use I can think of is pausing the game, but you can do that with the upper-left hand menu just as well.

I suppose it comes down to an opinion on how an RTS should be played. The way I see it, Reel Time Strategy should be played in real time, not instantaneously in another dimension. To me having it vital to gameplay would defeat the purpose of the genera, and because of this, I have a hard time seeing the lack of this function as an “absolute game breaker.”


Never heard, that a RTS game with pause function isnt any longer a RTS game…

It’s much more than learning stats as many said before… developers are shooting in their own knee, making a beatiful atmosphere which you cant enjoy while stressed. Singeplayer is to enjoy the game, no pause RTS you can get enough in Multiplayer.

“beautiful atmosphere which you cant enjoy while stressed”- Don’t tell me what I can’t and can enjoy.

Like I said, it comes down to opinion. I’m sorry you are too stressed to enjoy the atmosphere, but I say I like the stress. Struggling to keep control over my ships in extreme situations creates more atmosphere because, like the characters, I too am struggling to win.

It is true that most RTS games can be paused in the heat of battle to issue orders, and because it so often shipped with RTS it is well within reason to expect it. That I would consider is a valid argument. To anyone who regularly uses the pause function in RTS, it might feel like GBx&BBI might have cut a corner or skipped a step in what is considered standard (maybe gold standard?). But that is feeling/opinion. So with that in mind I can understand why some would think that the game feels sub standard. But even If it is a little sub standard, it is far from game breaking.


If you want to play that way then don’t pause.

The rest of us would appreciate a HW1-2 style pause function, which was expected.

I spent many, MANY hours looking around a glorious battle in HW while paused, finding the perfect angle to make literally thousands of screenshots that verge on Art.

This is currently not possible in DoK and it’s a terrible shame.

Patch please guys.


I have a feeling they really wrapped up development of the game way too early. It feels incomplete and a bit barebones when it comes to content and polish.

While that’s a shame, I really hope BBI are committed to rectifying these issues ASAP.

I agree.
Good game but please can we have an update with:
1). Pause screen with give queue order capability
2). Formations (really, this didn’t come up in Alpha testing…?)
3). Camera, please let us zoom out more.


Formations was already asked about. The devs prototyped a number of formations and simply put, it doesn’t work for the dune environments. on flat open terrain it works decently but it completely falls apart when theres any kind of elevation involved. It becomes a huge detriment and apparently very frustrating.

I will play that way thank you

We agree that it was an expected feature

We agree on the utility for screenshots. I have spent hours doing the exact same thing (but “verge on Art” I mean, I’m sure the shots you take are good, but stay humble).

It is a shame that it’s not in the game.

Last time. It comes down to opinion of what is vital. With that in mind, I think It needs to take a backseat to other problems that are game breaking; like poor performance on high end PCs and the various camera bugs.

Listen mate, I hope it gets patched in. I truly do. If not for the reasons that we agree upon then even for reasons we disagree upon because it is obviously a core component for you and others in the community.

Cheers mate
May DoK be molded into the next genera defining RTS for the next 10 years