Pause and give orders?


Have to respectfully disagree, ‘tactical pause’ or whatever is not required, is most certainly not an ‘absolute gamebreaker’, that’s just hyperbole for sure. It would be nice to have for sure but people seem to be really exaggerating here.

(Talena) #22

For me, the lack of pause actually also is a gamebreaker.
When I have to coordinate multiple units on several fronts, I certainly want to be able to plan an attack properly.
Thus trying to optimize unit types and terrain features, considering speed of units etc.
This is what “strategy” is about. To simply throw tons of units at waves of enemies isn’t strategy. That would be tactics (or an action game).
Also, the usual RTS builds new units in seconds (no “real time” in that, hehe).
Gameplay is about fun and enjoying the experience - when just clicking away and frantically pushing units around while building and researching in a hurry, I can’t really observe and enjoy what is happening on the battlefield in the meantime.

The Homeworld series always had a pause, and it was necessary to issue the commands to multiple units scattered on the map at the same time. That DoK does not seem to need a pause for some people more like shows that the game is lacking in that aspect as well: the maps are not complex enough.

All in all: DoK needs a pause function for single player - and maybe a more complex campaign, more complex maps to go with that addition some time in the future. Only then will the game deserve to be called “homeworld”. :slightly_smiling:

(BenWalker) #23

This ^^ I completely agree.
There are at least two play styles for this kind of game. (1) some people prefer the “real time” nature of combat and consequently they don’t want a “pause to give orders” function and (2) some people prefer to pause the action and make strategic decisions about controlling their forces and then watch and enjoy the outcome.

Both these play styles are equally valid !!

The folks in category (1) who prefer the “real time” nature of this game, have already gotten that feature delivered as DoK stands today. The folks in category (2) feel as i do that without a “pause and give orders” feature this game DoK (a) at best does NOT align its self with the game play style that were available in Homeworld 1 / 2 and (b) at worst is completely game breaking for those of us who prefer the category (2) game play style.

It’s kinda funny that folks who prefer “real time” play keep posting on this thread something to the effect of “This is not a big deal”. Yes you guys don’t need or care about a “pause to give orders” function. How about letting the rest of us who do care get on with requesting a patch update to resolve a major issue affecting our game play style.

(yellownumber5b) #24

I came this forum to say exactly these three things. Glad someone beat me to it. I really like the overall Homeworld feeling of the game, but pause and order/queue does need to come back.

Formations w/ facing direction also need to come back, this is especially important when you need to line up your group along topography like a hill crest. This could be similar to how old isometric RPGs form and face. BTW I appreciate ditching the squad mechanic of HW2 and returning to focus on individual units. If topography “breaks” formations, being able to choose from a small selection of formations and being able to face them in a direction helps the player mitigate that as they see fit. Right now with the default rectangular grouping, I put a group on a crest to have half of them on the opposite slope from the action.

The camera feels like it is just shy of where I would like it to zoom out to. An atmospheric haze and heat distortion (like the main menu) would also help make it more realistic when zooming out to give these units the sense of scale they are supposed to have, and also give plausibility to needing the Sensor map versus ditching the sensor map entirely and just having a full camera zoom out. The sensor map is useful in its own way, but I really do appreciate the landscape created in each level.

(abuster) #25

god damn my english… i edited this post now,… I read now other comments, they said it in a much better way

(Civilprotection1) #26

Why are still arguing? Neither one of us has any chance to sway the other.

I believe that most technical issues should be fixed in general before gameplay because they will affect the vast majority of the community, not just one section of it. Pause can be at the very top of gameplay fixes, but should take a back seat to optimization of the game.

One last thing, I read a post on the BBI forums that pause is implemented, and that the option is found in the sensors manager. I checked and was unable to find it; maybe you’ll have better luck.
If I can find the post again ill edit this one with the link.

Cheers mate


Post 14 says it’s there in the first line.

(Drahkas) #27

I think that person was confused and is talking about the menu button at the top left(that is visible outside the sensors manager anyway).

(abuster) #28

implementing a pause button wont cost so much effort, like working on performance. Once implemented, it works for everybody… a big part of the community will be satisfied. Working on performance will need time and not every change will have the same effect on every single PC.

There is no pause function on sensors manager…

(Civilprotection1) #29

I mean, i couldn’t find it either. Just thought I would share.

(abuster) #30

yea thx… but pause in sensor manager wouldnt be the solution we want anway =/

(Civilprotection1) #31

I’m sorry about that. I hope it gets worked in soon. S!

(abuster) #32

some infos or comments from the devs would be nice, like “we recognized the problem” or maybe: “we are working on this” … but nothing. Even in the perfomance thread there is just this forum mod saying: I will tell them about the problem. That doesnt mean, they find it as a real problem or that they want to work on it… its a shame…

(Sam) #33

Erm I believe they have definitively replied to this particular suggestion @abuster. I can’t be bothered to find it right now, but I assure you that they know that this is a point that a lot of people have brought up, so I can’t imagine they wouldn’t make some concession for it in a patch.

It does sort of depend on whether it was a design decision or an omission as to what that might be, and ultimately there are definitely more pressing issues that need looking at first, actually game breaking stuff like the crashes, mission triggers and performance problems. Obviously more content is being worked on at the same time (mp maps) etc.

(Snake_B5) #34

Gearbox is only the publisher here. If you want “better” interaction with the devs, you should go on the BBI forums :wink:

(abuster) #35

ohw okay thank you =)

I just saw on reddit, that developers didnt implement pause because of multiplayer… I hoped they change their mind after reading so many ppl want pause function

(kaymetzler) #36

I agree, i want the pause function, please


I second this. Implement a pause function asap!

(Mr.Snork) #38

This is still an issue. could we pls look at it after he latest patch or put it on the roadmap for some future release at least?

(raw_bean) #39

Try posting the suggestion on the Blackbird Intrractive forums, the game devs are more active and likely to respond on their own forum than anywhere else.

(Archaja) #40

I totally agree with ShamanicShepard!

This game is not really playable without an heart attack! And like it is now, I will not play it very often and shurely I will not by any additionals. God save Homeworld 2