Pause and give orders?

(rjskolasinski) #41
  1. About the camera the annoying thing is that one cannot zoom when holding right mouse button for rotating…
  2. Lack of tactical pause… big downside, I just feel like kind of wasted money because I really cannot enjoy the game
  3. Alt zoom to unit/group of unit… yeah, that was amazing feature

Basically all of above where kind of characteristic features of playing the Homeworld. I really kind believe that devs captured so many nice aspects of original series and screwed up on these ones…

Are there any mods that just adds that functionality?

(Mr.Snork) #42

Yes, I wish that would Happen!

(Andymurphych) #43

This is the biggest issue with this game. In real life combat each “troop” has it’s own leader making decisions under one overall command. That’s the whole point of pause/command in RTS, especially when there are several enemy groups incoming from different directions and at different locations on the map! You’re literally making several decisions simultaneously the way different troop leaders would in real combat.
But it seems the Devs don’t don’t give a sh"t since this post is six months old and nothing has happened. A total game breaker and the reason I will not recommend it to anybody…