Pause Key, metrics

Does anyone know if it is possible to capture metrics on how often or how long a player pauses?

I have no issues with players that do or do not pause but in wanting to display stats on the completion of a campaign map I want to add the metric so that comparisons of stats will be apple to apple.


What is the reasoning behind needing these pause-key details?

I am just about done with a mission map and am starting to work on a statistics page for the player. Being an old time RTSer(40 years experience), I LOVE statistics… Like how many units did I kill, or how many did I save? How fast did I do mission OBJ or the entire mission itself. So I am making a custom stats screen for my mission map to give the player something to use for comparison with their subsequent attempts to complete the mission OR to compare with their friends.

I just want to make sure that the comparison is apples to apples. The metric oh how often or how long a player pauses can skew the comparison.

Simplified example:
Player A finished mission 1 in 34 minutes, killed 1000 of 10000 Vaygr and rescued 300 of 900 ships. No Pauses

Player B finished mission 1 in 34 minutes, killed 1000 of 10000 Vaygr and rescued 300 of 900 ships. Paused for 3 hours.

If this were a competition between friends, and trying to address who demonstrated a more skillful game then Player A won. Which is saying they played the mission straight through taxing their mind and body to the speed dictated by the mission and not their comfort zone.

But I don’t want to hinder the player that that likes to pause. I enjoy the option to do both.

I personally enjoy playing a mission without any pauses (get the “real time” part of a Real Time Strategy experience) first and then play with pauses after to see if I can maximize my play time and explore what can be done given infinite time.


Hmm, perhaps take a look into the in-game counter for offline multiplayer mode Player Vs Cpu?

I notice the timer displayed in that mode, when enabled, will freeze if the game is paused. The issue, however, is when one saves and reloads, as I think the timer restarts.

I don’t know if this helps, sorry for the lack of specifics.

Also, statistics in Homeworld would be amazing. Keep up the work!

Is there a timer in game that does not pause when the game is paused? Or a way to read the computer time and compare to the game time? This is a metric I would like to post for stats.

Does Universe_GameTime() “stops” when the game is paused ?

Edit : you could also try to use the already defined Timer functions in scripts\scar\scar_util.lua (end of the file)

I need to experiment. I remember pause did stop on screen timer, and some functions that were dependent on game time. But, outside of music and speech, I can not remember what it did not stop.