Pause Multiplayer?

Hi, Does anybody know if it would be possible to activate the pause button for multiplayer? Like anybody playing could pause or unpause with the pause button. Or even just the host would be ok too. Thanks.

Theoretical I believe it is possible …

I was looking around for this again, I think it might be in the .LUA files in the folder ui/newui ,but they aren’t displayed right in editor. Does anyone know which program I need to open these? Thanks!

I use notepad++ for lua editing.

Hi, yeah I’ve tried that as well, but check those files out: they look like gibberish with some legible words mixed in. I guess it’s a programming language, but I got no skills, yo. I bet I could figure it out if I knew which program to use or if I had a couple pointers on how to get started. Maybe I have to open a file in C and then those .LUAs get referenced or something like that.

I just read my answer and thought, yeah why don’t I try that. Duh. I got them open with Codelite.

and now I can just open them in notepad - maybe my computer was pooping the bed or something.