PAX East Stream Notes 2020

  1. Marriage proposal
  2. Steam - add it to your wish list now, coming March 13
  3. Steam-Epic PC cross-play confirmed
  • Details on this can be found here:
  1. Godfall release trailer
  • Epic Games and PS5 title. Co-op loot slasher.
  1. Homeworld 3
  • Trailer issues… (@GrzesPL!)
  • Team in Vancouver is ahead of schedule; first playable build has been demo’d by Blackbird to GBX
  • FIG - can participate in development campaign.
  • Mobile Homeworld game
  1. Risk of Rain 2
  • Hidden Realms console update rolling out, new PC content rolling out end of March
  1. Gearbox mech loot
  • streamer heads and skins for PAX East panel attendees.
  • Same PCs used by GBX for dev work now available for sale
  • Level 52 making cool BL3 VH collectible - prototype shown
  • PAX weekend discount codes no purchase giveaway
  • more on the official instagram account
  • missing shirt is cue for a Randy P magic trick; it’s guess the vault hunter time!
  1. Randy Pitchford

    • Vault Baby shirt, baby! @gearboxloot instagram. (Vault baby is actually Randy P’s son)

  • Rhys moustache - 67% to 33% split but they don’t know which choice is which…
  • Twitch echo cast streaming stats
  • 14% success rate on Maliwan Takedown. So yes, it really is hard… (Player scaling success rate was the same)
  • Borderlands Movie - Eli Roth (director) enters stage right. Wants to have psycho cosplayers in the movie and have bad mad things happen to them… Cosplayers.
  • ROADMAP! DLC2 in March - preview coming up…
  • Mayhem 2.0 25 new modifiers including Big Head mode, Floor is Lava, 10 mayhem levels to work through with new gear, coming April.
  • Revenge of the Cartels free event also in April, new loot cosmetics
  • Guardian Takedown coming in May
  • Just started on DLC 4: possibly targetting Krieg (not confirmed - still VERY early in development) currently neck-deep in DLC 3

  • DLC 3 concept art:

  • DLC 2! “Putting the Love back in Lovecraft”

  • Live script read with the VAs exclusive to PAX East
  • Deathtrap “makes a super Margharita” (segue teaser trailer, also embedded in post 17 below)
  • Releases March 26th

Annnnd… it’s a wrap.


You missed the not working trailer, again.

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I thought that was part of the script?!

Plz add Vault Baby to this list.

So… no real news on the BL3 front, then?

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It’s still running… I’m typing the notes up live.


Was there stats for Haunt?

Oh, good. I shall continue to scoff at the Supermen who claim it’s so easy. I prefer to think most of them are just ignorant of exactly how much better at the game than the average player they are. :wink:


Wow that’s way less than I expected.

I hope that DLC 3 art is an indication we’ll be getting a mount as a new vehicle.

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I hope Athena will be in it.


i think the 14% success rate is incorrect. How often does Wotan’s head glitch out? How much does that screw with their data success rate? At least half my wins have this happen. Not saying it’s not hard, just that this seems to be an issue.

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What is it with Allistair and Threshers?? :laughing:


Well, maybe he’s a conisseur of a particular genre of japanese animation…


It is easy, reason why its so low is due to wotan top half bugging out unable to complete. Its a mess and the reason i quit playing bl3

I am RATHER EXCITED by the dlc info.

Wedding looks awesome, I hope dlc 3 captures a taste of BL1 Pandora, and very happy indeed that krieg gets more story.


If your conjecture is true AND we assume more ppl attempted MT because it’s more accessable THEN it stands to reason that Wotan derping would have a statistical impact. So given the fact that the rate remained unchanged it suggests that derping is probably not the issue.


I’m pretty sure success rate is computed from success/attempts. Which means so long you get past the Valkyries, it doesn’t matter how many times you die so long you finally beat it. So if you simply restarted from the previous checkpoint if the head glitches out, then killed Wotan proper, it would count as a success.

But will there be an actual bordello for squids?