Pax Mega Code!1!1!

SWC33-99KCS-WJ539-X5FJJ-39BC5 should be still good for Xbox and PC used it for PS4 forgot to do this when I got the code but here’s hoping it’s still good. Plz comment if you do redeem! Enjoi
Update: Xbox and PS4 used not sure if PC is good

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Used Xbone

It worked? Congrats!

Redeemed on Xbox1. Thank you for the “PAX WEST 2016 MEGA BUNDLE”… yeah, I don’t know what exactly I obtained but I got something!

Edit: uhhh was it 3 legendary gear packs!? Or did I have those already there?

Should be a bunch of digital skins and loot boxes and congrats o and alot of credits

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Thank you!

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