Pax West Mega Code giveaway (PC)

After seeing @RedX giveaway a code used on another console, I will be happy to giveaway my code to the PC crowd.

I will follow the same rules he used but change it to pick a number between 1 and 30! After all numbers are picked (30 different posts) I will give the code via message to the user who guessed correctly!

As @RedX stated, please be honorable and only use the code on PC!

So, with all of that aside, post your number and let’s rock and roll!


@wisecarver get on this
Thanks for doing this OP


Yeah it’s awesome you’re taking the time to do this. Anyway, I guess I’ll go first with the number 20.

I guess 27.

I’m guessing 23.

How about 11?

It’s not Friday, but let’s say 13.

I was gonna say 24 but nothing’s funnier than 25. :slight_smile:

18, let’s go with that!

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My guess is 6.

Many thanks for the generosity!

30 it is. :3

I’m gonna have to go with 17

Ofcourse I won’t be in it… but that’s really really cool of you too @Synther . Nice way to look out for our community :slight_smile:

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Seven. What’s in the BOOOOOX?!?

Thanks for being cool.

  1. and that takes care of the edge cases.

14? I’m feeling lucky!

22 is my 1/30 shot at winning

Alright. I’m in. Let’s go with 19.

Why? Because it was at PAX Prime :laughing:
(I’m still gonna call it PAX Prime, I don’t care.)

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I’ll put in my guess as 12


Can’t go wrong with 4