Pax West Mega code giveaway (Xbox One)

Alright guys, I have a code and already used it on PC but I hear you can still use it on Xbox One and PS4. So here is a chance for you to get a code for Xbox one! Who ever wins, I’ll e-mail or message the code.

Pick a number from 1-50 and who ever is the closest I will send the code to. Only the first 30 posts will be counted. That’s if there is that many lol… I’ll come back in the morning and say who wins. Good luck!!! Please just post once & just the number so it’s easier for me to see. Thanks!

Hope the mods don’t mind.



14 is my guess!

my bad, im only posting in the ps4 thread.

25 is my number

You again?! You mathematical bastard…

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Guys, don’t post if you don’t have the game on the system in question.

@Vicks_Toire has it on all 3.



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I main ps4 at home. I have a buddy that I play with on his xbone

Edit: this only will work for one account yeah?

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The exact opposite
I played PC/Xbox since the beginning (XB CTT)
I went full XB after numbers took a dip
I convinced a group of people to buy it on ps4 so I switch off whenever anyone’s on.

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I’ll guess 17! Thanks for the chance!

37 is my bet


Oh ■■■■ I didn’t see this thread. 11!!

Oh yes please!


Sadly I don’t own an Xbox One.

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7 :mushroom:
Miko for good luck.



42 :slight_smile: