Pax West Mega Code Question

I have a code… used the PC version one. Is it still good for xbox and ps4?

Based on what I know it should be. I believe you can redeem it once for each system.


Thanks Kale!

I hate you
that is all

You need one?

I want one really damn bad
I got to go to pax but I had to leave before the GB panel
Stupid work -_-




Sooooo frustrating!

I might have lost my job for that skin!

The jealousy is strong

Yea, had the question because I thought it would be a waste to not at least give away the code to someone that can use it as well.

@Vicks_Toire. You have Battleborn on both PS4 and Xbox one? :open_mouth:

I have it for all 3 platforms
I love this game :persevere:

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Wow… I give you props :grin:

I’d have it for all 3 as well except that I don’t actually own an Xbox One. I couldn’t afford it for all 3 when the game came out either. :slight_frown: